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3 Insurance Lessons from Delhi's Smog

March 16, 2019

It is a well-known fact today that Delhi has been continuously been rated as one of the most polluted cities across the globe. The air-quality index has plunged to such depths that there is an urgent need of revival. In fact, this sure seems to be a very intricately difficult task as of now because of the very severity of the issue. Oxygen and pure quality of air-the most basic of life’s requirements have been polluted by the suffocating effect of smog and as such, the conditions have become so bad that children, old persons and other vulnerable groups of population cannot even venture out of their homes without the aid of a pollution mask. This has taken a direct toll on us and on our health and as a result of this, the quality of air has become so poor that at times it becomes practically impossible to breathe. This has had a debilitating effect on our health directly and with each passing day, things are becoming more and more adverse. In a country like India, which is striding fast towards becoming a developed nation, the consumption of resources due to the bulk of human activity has been immense.

Needless to say that the impact of related diseases and the financial burden that it puts on one’s pockets is immense. In the absence of any proper financial coverage, a heavy load is put on the family’s finances and therefore, the savings corpus that is meant for other purposes may get depleted rapidly. Therefore, it is important for us to take a note of the three insurance lessons that must be taken away from the rising pollution levels in Delhi:

  1. Take out a specific health insurance plan: A health insurance plan offers extensive coverage against general health-related issues as well as specific illnesses and covers the costs that are incurred against pre and post hospitalization, medical consultation, doctor’s fee, recuperation etc. Therefore, it is very important to take out a specific health insurance plan that can provide total coverage in the event of any health-related contingency.
  2. Take out a life insurance policy: A life insurance policy offers futuristic coverage against life’s uncertainties and ensures that your loved ones do not suffer financially in your absence. It entitles the policy-holder to receive the maturity proceeds in case of maturity of the policy term and also entitles the policy holder’s nominee(s) to receive the plan benefits i.e. sum assured in the event of the policy-holder’s demise during the plan term. Therefore, it is very essential for you to take out a life insurance plan.
  3. Benefit of a term insurance plan: Although a term insurance plan does not entitle the policy-holder to any maturity benefits but it entitles the policy holder’s nominee(s) to receive the plan benefits i.e. sum assured in the event of the policy-holder’s demise during the plan term. Moreover, a traditional term insurance plan     is very economical when compared to other forms of insurance. Therefore,  it must form an essential part of your insurance portfolio.  

HDFC Life offers several health insurance plans for covering your finances and the happiness of your loved ones in the event of any health related emergency. For details, click on the mentioned link: https://www.hdfclife.com/health-insurance-plans.      

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