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In this policy, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

ULIP Calculator

A ULIP calculator is an easy-to-use online financial tool that helps you compare and calculate the returns on a ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan). ...Read More

ULIP Calculator
How to use the calculator? Let us know few details to calculate the returns

Returns calculated for HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth - Invest Plus Option


Features of the ULIP Calculator

  • Transparency - Features of the ULIP Calculator


    When it comes to calculating your returns for every individual fund taking into account fluctuating markets, the online ULIP calculator provides complete transparency. You can accurately monitor particular funds for specific tenures that you have selected transparently.

  • Goal-based Savings  with ULIP Calculator

    Goal-based Savings

    Analyse the fund options to gauge which investment will perform to suit your need, preferences and affordability and generate maximum returns to initiate goal-based savings with the help of the ULIP calculator.

  • Planning tool - Features of the ULIP Calculator

    Planning tool

    As you plan your investment portfolio, the online ULIP calculator can effectively act as your financial planner. It clearly highlights everything that you want to understand about the fund where you intend to invest depending on your objective, goals and risk appetite.

  • Flexibility - Features of the ULIP Calculator


    The ULIP Calculator provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to determining the amount that you wish to invest in unit-linked products. You can modify your desired premium amount and time period of the investment to get an accurate estimate on what its future value will be. This calculation will also take into account your requirements, affordability, preferences and long-term goals.

  • Rational Investment Decision with ULIP Calculator

    Rational Investment Decision

    Have total control over your decision-making by analysing and comparing the estimated returns of ULIP products using the online ULIP calculator. The results generated focus on a comparative cost analysis with an estimation of returns that can help plan your future investments rationally involving these specific funds in question.

Calculate your ULIP Investment Returns Online with HDFC Life

Find out how much you need to invest today to reach your life goal tomorrow. Plan your investments with ease with the help of the HDFC Life ULIP Calculator.

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan, or ULIP as it is popularly called, is an insurance product that combines both investment and insurance benefits in one plan. A part of the premium that you pay to avail of the ULIP plan goes in providing life cover, while the remaining is invested in various financial instruments. You can take your pick from multiple investment funds, depending on your life goals and risk appetite.

Once your goals are established, make sure to select the right plan that caters to your needs. To get a good idea of what to expect at maturity, you can use a ULIP return calculator.

It’s a handy tool that tells the investor the return they can expect when they invest a specific amount for a stipulated time.

The ULIP plan calculator arrives at an expected return, after assessing various data points such as tenure, premium, age, and rate of return. It must be noted that as ULIPs are subject to market risks, the ULIP online calculator will show the estimated amount and return on the investment.

How does the ULIP calculator work?

How do Investment Calculator work?

The ULIP calculator is an easy-to-use tool that requires you to add in a few details, in order to estimate the return you can receive at maturity. Simply, key in the frequency of the premium payment, premium amount, type of fund, rate of return, and investment duration.

Some ULIP plan calculators provide an option to divide the amount into risk-free and market-linked investments as well.

With certain factors being variable, the amount calculated is a tentative figure and investors should look at the tool to know the expected return, instead of the exact amount.

Benefits of a ULIP Calculator

Here are some benefits of a ULIP plan calculator:
  • Guaranteed income

    A ULIP calculator provides an estimated amount of the return at maturity; it is an efficient and easy-to-use tool

  • Option of choosing Deferred Annuity

    Some people find numbers a little daunting, but a ULIP calculator ensures that it’s easy to understand.

  • Flexibility to decide the frequency of annuity payments.

    You can compare different ULIP plans based on cost, return, and duration

  • Get the return of all premiums paid on death.

    A ULIP calculator is easy to access, and available free of cost

  • You can strategise your investment based on age, financial goals, and risk appetite

  • Most people bank big on long-term investment. The ULIP calculator helps to know what to expect and makes it easier for investors to make sound financial decisions

  • A ULIP plan calculator provides suggestions, based on your financial goals. Similarly, it can also show the estimated duration to reach a specific return.

ULIP charges you should know about

Most people today prefer going for ULIPS as an investment option, both for tax1 savings and life cover. Besides providing market-linked returns, ULIPs provide for your family, in case of a loss of a family member.

However, before investing in ULIPs, one must check the costs associated with them. The first is a premium allocation charge, an upfront fee deducted from the premium paid by the investor. The amount remaining after deducting the premium allocation charge is invested in the ULIP.


As ULIP is a life insurance policy, a mortality charge is levied as the cost of life insurance. This is because the plan provides a pre-decided amount to the family of the insured, in case of their demise during the policy term.


A part of the premium that goes into the ULIP plan is invested in a variety of funds, including equity and debt. Hence, a charge is levied for a management expert, who takes care of this aspect.


There’s also a policy administration charge that is levied for paperwork and recordkeeping, as ULIP is a dual benefit policy. The policy administration charge is deducted monthly.


ULIPs have a five-year lock-in period to ensure maximum returns for investors. Ideally, one should not withdraw from the plan before this time. In case they do so, the company will levy a surrender or discontinuance charge. The charges depend on the year of withdrawal. 

1. As per Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is ULIP a good investment plan?

Yes, ULIP is a good investment plan for those who are looking at a long-term goal of wealth creation, and at the same time, want protection through life insurance. It gives policyholders the dual benefit of insurance and investment.

2 How does the ULIP calculator work?

The ULIP plan calculator arrives at an expected return after assessing various data points such as tenure, premium, age, and rate of return. It must be noted that as ULIPs are subject to market risks. The online ULIP calculator will show the estimated amount and return on the investment.

3 How does the ULIP plan work?

The insurance company pools in money from all policyholders and then invests them in the funds chosen by them. After the money is invested, the total corpus is then divided into various units, which are then distributed to each policyholder, in accordance with the amount he/she has invested.

4 How does ULIP work?

When you invest in a ULIP, a part of your premium goes into the insurance cover, while the rest is then invested into either equity or debt funds depending on your choice of funds.

5 How is a ULIP calculator helpful for offline purchases?

One can choose to buy ULIP plans both online and offline. Although if you plan to purchase the ULIP plan offline, you will have to either do it through an agent or physical branches. Even if you opt for the offline plan, you can use the ULIP calculator to find out the estimated return on your investment in the future.

6 What is ULIP NAV?

The Net Asset Value or NAV gives you the per-unit value of the assets after deducting the liabilities. This is how you can keep track of the performance of your fund.

7 How is ULIP NAV calculated?

The NAV of a ULIP plan can be calculated by adding up the total ULIP funds on a date and then deducting expenses like operating and management charges from it. The net value is divided by the total number of units to get the NAV. 

8 Is the mortality charge deducted for the entire deduction of the plan?

The mortality charge is dependent on the sum assured more than the fund value, also known as the sum at risk. To cover the sum at risk, insurers take an additional mortality charge, which goes out of the pocket of the insured policyholder.

9 How do I pay ULIP premiums?

You can pay premiums both online and offline, just like you purchase a ULIP plan. One can choose to make a lump-sum payment or pay in regular intervals, either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or in annual installments. Your ULIP plan could have limited premium payment tenure, while other payment tenures can go on for the complete duration of the policy. 

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We at HDFC Life are committed to offer innovative products and services that enable individuals live a ‘Life of Pride’. For over two decades we have been providing life insurance plans - protection, pension, savings, investment, annuity and health.

In unit linked policies, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder. The Unit Linked Insurance products do not offer any liquidity during the first five years of the contract. The policyholders will not be able to surrender/withdraw the monies invested in Unit Linked Insurance Products completely or partially till the end of fifth year.

Unit Linked Insurance products are different from the traditional insurance products and are subject to the risk factors. The premium paid in Unit Linked Insurance policies are subject to investment risks associated with capital markets and the NAVs of the units may go up or down based on the performance of fund and factors influencing the capital market and the insured is responsible for his/her decisions. HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited is only the name of the Life Insurance Company and HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth (UIN:101L133V03) is only the name of the unit linked insurance contract and does not in any way indicate the quality of the contract, its future prospects or returns. Please know the associated risks and the applicable charges, from your Insurance agent or the Intermediary or policy document issued by the insurance company. The various funds offered under this contact are the names of the funds and do not in any way indicate the quality of these plans, their future prospects and returns. Life Insurance Coverage is available in this product. For more details on risk factors, associated terms and conditions and exclusions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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