Use our range of interactive tools and life insurance premium calculators to plan for your financial goals. These tools will help in quantifying your goals such as savings, retirement, education, marriage and life insurance.

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HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus Calculator

Determine how much of financial security your family would require in your absence with our term plan calculator.


HDFC Life Click 2 Invest ULIP Calculator

Calculate returns on your ULIP investments with the help of ULIP calculator.


HDFC Life Click 2 Retire Calculator

Know how much to save now to have a desired retired life.


HDFC Life Cancer Care Calculator

Calculate returns on your Cancer Care investments with the help of Health Calculator.


HDFC Life Easy Health Calculator

Calculate returns on your Easy Health investments with the help of Health Calculator.

Informing loved ones about our financial plans is as important as preparing for their future.
Get the Financial Guide to Bounce Back and keep your family informed about your financial plans.

Things to Know

Fast And Convenient

5 quick and easy steps towards a protected and prosperous future.


Buying an insurance policy online is more cost effective than an offline purchase.

Minimum Paperwork

Policy issued with minimum paperwork.


All charges are shown upfront with no hidden costs.

Understand Your Insurance Needs

Understand Your Insurance Needs

Different insurance plans address different needs.Depending on your life stage and goals, select the plan which helps you achieve the same.

Determine Your Coverage Amount

Determine Your Coverage Amount

Your coverage amount should be dependent on your future financial needs as well as account for inflation. What may seem enough now, may not be sufficient.

Earlier You Start The Better

Earlier You Start The Better

Age is one of the primary factors for premium calculation. So younger you are, lesser the premium. Start early and secure a low-cost cover for long term.

Know Your T&Cs

Know Your T&Cs

Most of the insurance plans have certain terms under which the benefits are withheld. Read the product brochure carefully before buying and know the exclusions.

Be Truthful

Be Truthful

Ensure the details provided by you while buying the policy are true. Providing incomplete or false information can lead to claim rejection and thus beating the core objective of being insured.

Buy Online

Buy Online

Purchasing your policy online is fast and convenient. Since you avoid the intermediaries, this is often a cheaper mode of purchase.

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