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Why guaranteed returns are a must for you?

May 02, 2019
When it comes to choosing the policies and investment guides, it is extremely important that you keep a tab over the earnest benefits as well. Generally, many investors make the mistake of allowing drifting market trends of volatility to overshadow their investment decisions. By this, what is to be implied is that short-duration investment returns must be thoroughly checked and money must be invested as per the risk appetite and the specific needs and requirements. There are investment plans available in the market that do not offer any respite from market ups and downs. These investment plans generally come with a risk-factor that may offer a seemingly lucrative option of higher returns on investment. However, it must be kept in mind that for the sake of having a balanced and overall beneficial investment portfolio, it is very essential that you must choose plans that offer guaranteed returns.

Although the quantum of returns in such guaranteed benefit plans may be a little bit lesser than what market-linked plans offer, yet the safety of invested funds and security of investment is higher. The one drawback is obviously the lack of a suitable flexibility as these plans are generally fixed interest ones with little scope for any modification. However, when viewed from the perspective of assured returns, these plans offer benefits that are completely guaranteed. Therefore, if you are looking for a regular income benefit or long-term financial stability, having a guaranteed income plan is a must for you.

One more area of advantage that guaranteed return plans offer is the stability of investment portfolio. Since the returns are optimum and fairly distributed over the policy term, you can remain stress-free for future. Added to this is the advantage of market-leverage i.e. your funds are secured from market-fluctuations. This also allows you to keep a transparent track of where your money is going. The income that is thus generated can be further tied up in a separate plan for further benefits. This allows you to enjoy multiple benefits from a particular fund value and thus, you can garner surplus benefits over a period of time.

This therefore adds to the overall fund value after the maturity of policy term and if you are targeting a particular financial goal like marriage or your child's education, you can ensure that assured accrued benefits are in place by the time you require those funds. Moreover, if you are averse to taking risks and simply wish to reap the benefits in a periodic and regular manner, guaranteed-benefit plans are meant for you.

HDFC Life offers HDFC Life Sanchay Plus- a non-linked and non-participating saving insurance plan that allows you to reap rich financial dividends, with assured returns on your investment and hence, ensures that your funds are secure and multiply in an optimum manner.

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