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Why Term Insurance Is a Must for Parents?

Why Term Insurance Is a Must for Parents?
January 05, 2024


Being a parent comes with unique responsibilities, and ensuring your child's financial security is a top priority. A term insurance plan, let’s say of Rs. One Crore, is not just a numeric figure. It is an assurance that, even in your unfortunate absence, the journey your child embarks upon is paved with financial security. This article explores the significance of term insurance for parents, providing insights and practical guidance on safeguarding your child's future. 

  • Why Do Parents Need Term Insurance

Comprehensive Financial Protection:

A term insurance plan ensures your child receives a substantial amount, helping meet various financial needs like education, marriage, daily expenses, and even contributing towards future financial goals. 

Income Replacement:

For parents, the loss of income due to an unfortunate event can be financially crippling. A high-value term insurance acts as a vital income replacement tool. The sum assured (upon death) can serve as income replacement, helping the child maintain their standard of living and pursue their ambitions.

Debt Repayment:

In the absence of a parent, outstanding debts can burden the surviving family. A term insurance plan coverage aids in clearing debts, and preventing financial strain. If the parents have a home loan or other debts, the payout can be utilised to settle these obligations, ensuring a debt-free future for the child.

  • Choosing the Right Term Insurance Plan

With an abundance of insurers offering a variety of plans, the selection of the right option can be quite daunting. Your planning should involve weaving together factors that span beyond premium amounts, delving into the fabric of policy flexibility, reputation, and additional benefits. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Evaluate Insurer Reputation:

Look for insurers with a strong reputation for claim settlements and customer service. An insurer with a high Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) indicates reliability. Choosing a reputable insurer ensures a smoother claims process for your child.

Policy Flexibility:

Opt for a term insurance plan that offers flexibility, allowing you to make adjustments based on changing circumstances. If your child's education expenses increase, a flexible policy allows you to revisit and adjust your coverage accordingly.

Riders and Additional Benefits:

Explore riders and additional benefits like critical illness coverage to enhance your child's financial protection. A critical illness rider can provide additional funds for medical expenses, ensuring your child's well-being even in challenging health situations.

Use a Term Life Insurance Calculator:

In the realm of financial planning, precision is vital. A Term Life Insurance Calculator emerges as a practical and indispensable tool, offering personalised insights that go beyond generic estimations. It's not merely about arriving at a numerical figure; it's about understanding the nuanced dynamics of your financial landscape.

  • How to Calculate Term Life Insurance Coverage Amount

Income Assessment:

Evaluate your annual income to determine the financial support required for your child's upbringing and education. Parents earning five lakhs annually might need a higher coverage compared to someone earning three lakhs, considering future education costs and living expenses.

Debt Consideration:

Factor in any outstanding debts, such as home loans or personal loans, to ensure they are covered in the event of your demise. If you have a home loan of twenty lakhs, the calculator will suggest a coverage amount that accommodates this debt to prevent its transfer to your child.

Future Expenses:

Anticipate future expenses like higher education, marriage, or starting a career. The calculator helps estimate the funds required for these milestones. If you foresee a significant expense like higher education costing fifteen lakhs, the calculator considers this to provide a more accurate coverage recommendation.

Existing Savings and Investments:

Account for any existing savings or investments that can contribute to your child's future financial needs. If you have a savings corpus of five lakhs, the calculator may adjust the recommended coverage accordingly, recognising your existing financial resources.

While you can do these calculations manually as well, the easy way out is to use a free online term life insurance calculator. Just enter the relevant details, such as your name, age, date of birth, annual income, and lifestyle habits (such as smoking, etc.). The term life insurance calculator will automatically generate the ideal coverage amount you need and can hope to receive from the insurer. 

  • Wrapping It Up

Choosing a term insurance plan for parents is a crucial step in securing your child's financial future. By understanding the significance of this coverage, utilising a term life insurance calculator, and considering the key factors listed in this article, you can make an informed decision. Remember, this isn't just about financial protection; it's about providing a foundation for your child to thrive in, even in your absence.

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Vishal Subharwal Vishal Subharwal

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