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Complete Comparison of ULIP Plans

March 07, 2017
It is important to be prepared for all the financial requirements that can arise in the future. A unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) like HDFC Life Click2Invest provides market-related returns at minimal charges. The HDFC Life Pension Super Plus Plan is another ULIP that enables individuals to build a retirement corpus. The HDFC SL ProGrowth Flexi is a savings-cum-insurance ULIP that provides financial security to your dear ones.

To this end, you should have a better understanding of the various features, benefits, and other terms related to the 3 plans mentioned above. The following table compare ULIP plans offered by HDFC Life:

Criterion Click2Invest Pension Super Plus ProGrowth Flexi

Minimum Entry Age

30 days 35 years 14 years

Maximum Entry Age

65 years 65 years 65 years

Maximum Maturity Age

18 years 55 years  

Maximum Maturity Age

75 years 75 years 75 years

Sum Assured

125% of Single Premium 10 X annualized premium (entry age < 55 years) 7 X annualized premium (entry age > 55years)


Higher of 10 X annualized premium or 0.5 X policy term X annualized premium (entry age < 45 years) Higher of 7 X annualized premium or 0.25 X policy term X annualized premium (entry age > 45 years)

Minimum Annualized Premium

Single - INR 24,000
Annual - INR 12,000
Annual - INR 24,000 Top-up Premium - INR 10,000 Annual - INR 24,000

Policy Terms

5 to 20 years 10, 15, and 20 years 10 to 30 years

Premium Paying Options

Single Limited - 5, 7, and 10 years Regular - 5 to 20 years   Minimum 5 years (policy term 10 years) Minimum 10 years (policy term > 15 years)

Premium Paying Frequency

Annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly

Annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly

Annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly


Advantages of ULIP Plans

  • Affordable

    The various fees and charges associated with the above-mentioned ULIPs are affordable. This ensures only a small amount of your premium is not invested and used towards fees like premium allocation, fund management charges, policy administration, and mortality charges. It is important for you to compare ULIP plans and understand the associated expenses before making a decision.
  • Flexibility

    The ULIP plan comparison depicted above clearly shows that each of these insurance plans offers flexibility to buyers. These plans offer different policy terms, premium paying options, and premium payment frequencies. All of these features can be customized while availing the plan, to ensure it best suits all your personal needs.
  • Tax Benefits

    Investments made under these ULIPs enjoy tax exemptions as outlined in Section 80 C and Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.
  • No Medicals and Simple

    Individuals who meet the criteria outlined by the insurance company can avail either of these plans without undergoing any medical tests. The entire procedure to avail these policies is simple and efficient. Buyers can also choose to buy the ULIPs online, through the website, to enjoy additional benefits offered on this platform.

ULIPs are a kind of  life insurance product that offer risk cover along with investment options to policyholders. Investments can be made in different instruments, such as bonds, equities, or mutual funds. Because the investments are related to market fluctuations, it is important for you to assess your risk appetite and undertake a detailed ULIP comparison before you make an investment decision.

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