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Maintain Your Healthy Resolutions with Health Insurance

Maintain Your Healthy Resolutions with Health Insurance
January 25, 2023

Most of us make lofty healthy resolutions at the start of every year. We promise ourselves that we’ll eat healthy food and exercise daily. Sadly, the resolutions fade in a few days or weeks when people resume their old habits. If you’d like to get healthy in the new year, here’s a look at how you can maintain your resolutions.

How to Maintain Your Health Resolutions in the New Year

  • Quantify Your Goals

    Instead of a generic resolution, give yourself a quantifiable goal. Instead of ‘I’ll lose weight,' try ‘I’ll lose 3 kilos’ or ‘I’ll lose 2 inches.’ When you give yourself a goal you can measure, it becomes easier to track your progress. You will likely stick to such goals since there’s a way to measure how well your efforts are working.

  • Make Easy Diet Switches

    Most people make the mistake of drastically changing their diet to lose weight. They cannot sustain these diets for long and eventually give up. Avoid major changes and try minor healthy switches instead. Try whole-wheat flour instead of refined. Use brown rice instead of white rice and opt for whole grains instead of processed and polished ones. These tweaks will increase the fibre in your diet and help you stay healthy without making too many sacrifices. You can also limit your consumption of sugary drinks, sweets and fried foods.

  • Move More

    Sitting for hours and working can cause multiple health issues. Instead of trying high-level HIIT workouts, incorporate short activities into your daily routine. Choose to climb stairs instead of using the elevator every day. Walk to the next bus, train or metro stop to catch your ride home. Minor adjustments to your daily routine make it easier to maintain healthy resolutions than drastic changes.

  • Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

    Before you try to get healthy, visit your doctor to understand your concerns. The doctor may recommend annual tests and screenings to catch diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer before they get out of control. Spending a few hours with your doctor could save you from years of medication to manage and treat lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure.

  • Focus on Rest

    Do not stretch yourself trying to get too many things done each day. A good night’s sleep is as vital for your health as a 30-minute brisk walk. Prioritise getting at least seven or eight hours of quality sleep every night.

  • Purchase Health Insurance

    Despite all your best efforts, a health issue could get you hospitalised. A health insurance plan helps you deal with rising medical bills, leaving you free to focus on your health and recovery. Buying a health policy encourages you to remain healthy as it rewards you for every year that you do not make a claim. Consider plans like HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Optima Secure that offer additional coverage options and automatic restore benefits.

    Maintaining your healthy resolutions shouldn’t be tedious. Purchase a health plan when you’re young and healthy to benefit from low premiums and high coverage. Once you have a plan and reap the rewards of good health, you feel motivated to maintain it.


Click 2 Protect Optima Secure (UIN: 101Y122V01) is a Non-Linked Non-Participating Combi Product with both protection and health benefits. Life Insurance Coverage is available in this product. The risks of this product are distinct and are accepted by respective Companies. For more details on risk factors, associated terms and conditions and exclusions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

ARN : ED/12/22/31015

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