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5 Ways to Ensure Physical & Mental Well-Being While Managing Your Career

5 Ways to Ensure Physical & Mental Well-Being While Managing Your Career
November 28, 2022

According to a report published by a leading consulting firm, Indian women suffer higher burnout stress as compared to their global peers. The same report reveals that 56%* of Indian women felt stress levels were higher than what it was a year ago. Physical and mental stress can take a toll on one’s health. As Indian women continue to break glass ceilings and achieve new milestones, it is important to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

Here are 5 ways to ensure physical & mental well-being while managing your career

  1. Healthy munching

    Just as a car needs its fuel, the right energy source to run. Our body needs the same. For your brain to function at its peak capacity consuming abundant good fats, proteins and various other combinations are important. Make healthy choices - have green tea over the milk one, the same for coffee (black coffee).

  2. Setting work boundaries

    Everything in our life needs to have an extent, which means setting boundaries is important. We work hard, to enjoy our life but if things end up with us working only it makes no sense. Creating a proper work-life balance is crucial at an early stage in your career. Building your boundary begins by not saying “yes” all the time. Learn to say “no” delicately when there are already many projects pending. You are likely to be confident to do this if you have fortified your financial situation. This can be done by considering a savings plan like HDFC Life Sanchay Plus that offers guaranteed benefits.

  3. Cell-phone detox

    Most of our work is done on a laptop or PC. Using your phone, after all, that screen for hours leads to an abundance of screen time. Taking a cell phone detox can improve your mental health and work-life balance. Due to the pandemic, people have gotten a little more addicted to our devices. Due to such addiction, anxiety and depression have become common abnormalities.

  4. Build a healthy schedule

    A healthy schedule does not mean to include only the tasks you need to complete in a day, it shall also include resting time and personal space. It is needless to mention this but we are aware that sleep is important for our overall health. Sleep and mental health are directly linked. Our physical health is also affected by sleep, in case of fat loss or muscle gain. Before beginning your work day schedule, keep a “power hour.” During that hour, make a list of all the challenging things you need to complete and allot time slots to all. It is like taking a step back before taking 5 steps ahead. Lastly, to give yourself self-esteem and better qualifications, schedule time for personal and professional development outside work.

  5. Build activity in your work life

    You might be thinking that you do not have time for your physical health. But, be creative enough and build activity during your working hours. While commuting to your workplace, you can walk, cycle or even run during a part of the same. If your organization has a gym facility, commit to the same. Try to avoid the escalator and use the stairs instead. Also, ensure that you are active during your lunch break.

    Maintaining your physical and mental health while managing your career benefits yourself and your employer. Small changes to your schedule and lifestyle go a long way in building your personality and your career.




HDFC Life Sanchay Plus (UIN:101N134V15) is a non-participating, non-linked savings insurance plan. Life Insurance Coverage is available in this product. For more details on risk factors, associated terms and conditions and exclusions, please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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