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Celebrate Health by Fighting Obesity

October 24, 2017

Obesity is a major health challenge across the world. This World Obesity Day, we explore some facts about obesity, its causes and risks, and learn how eating healthy doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

This year, October 11 will be observed across the world as World Obesity Day. Did you know that obesity is one of the most dangerous diseases plaguing the world population? It can lead to a variety of chronic health complications, including heart attack or stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and depression. The number of people diagnosed as obese has increased over the recent years. A study of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) nations in 2017 showed that one in six children and one in two adults are either obese or overweight.

Are you obese or overweight?

Have these figures got you worrying about your health? Before you start sweating, it is important to understand that you may not even be obese. Being obese is worlds apart from being overweight. A body mass index (BMI) greater equal to or greater than 25 (up to 29.9) classifies as being overweight. However, a BMI equal to or greater than 30 falls under the obese category. To stay healthy, a BMI ranging between 18.5 and 25 is ideal.

What is the solution?

If you’re obese, the solution is simple—making certain changes to your lifestyle. Did you know that one slice of pizza alone carries 285 calories? One of the most effective ways to fight obesity is to get rid of the processed and junk foods in your pantry and opt for a balanced diet. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts are a good bet; refined grains and sugary drinks are a no-no. Foods loaded with healthy fats such as avocado, salmon and yogurt can help in preventing obesity since they come with some of the most important nutrients our body needs.

Little or lack of physical exercise is another cause of obesity. How often have you avoided that much-need walk by opting for a ride even for short distances? One must exercise regularly. Even a brisk walk of 30 minutes every day can work wonders for your health.

But why should you live a healthy lifestyle?

Making healthy choices every day not only helps with you with fighting obesity—it can also increase longevity, boost your immunity to disease and keep you emotionally healthy. This means you can work longer (if you want to), hopefully spend less on health care and even save more towards a comfortable retirement. Healthy habits are also essential for maintaining an attractive, youthful appearance.

While a nutritious diet and exercise are essential to preventing obesity and maintaining good health, you never really know when you might have an accident or get sick. In recent years, because of the increase in healthcare costs, a trip to the hospital for treatment can be much more costly than you might expect. The high medical bills could spiral you into financial distress, or you could end up with poor healthcare because of non-affordability. In such situations, health insurance provides you with financial assistance to get the care you need during unforeseen medical emergencies, at the time you need it.

HDFC Life offers health insurance based on your specific needs and requirements. As a policy holder, you are paid a specified amount of money to cover medical costs or treatments. Depending on your level of cover, you can use the insurance money to pay for a variety of healthcare services, including ambulance transportation, hospitalisation, emergency room services, surgery and even physical therapy. If you’re looking for health coverage for your extended family, you can always opt for a bigger cover. What is more, you can also save tax for paying the premiums.

With the right health insurance plan from HDFC Life, you can protect yourself financially from staggering medical bills.

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