Changing realities – how the pandemic has made us realise the worth of the homemaker


Staying at home perforce for over two months has made most of us realise the worth of home chores. Now that you are doing the dishes, managing school projects and ensuring that the house stays clutter free, you also have time to ponder who ran the household like a well-oiled machine all these years.

Lovely dishes that magically appeared on the tables, clothes that were effortlessly washed and ironed, elderly folks who were taken care of and the daily shopping needs that were met without effort now feel like the work of a wizard. The truth is, the wizard has been working her magic at home all these years, making it possible for the rest of the family to enjoy the benefits, without taking any credit for any of it. It is the working-at-home mom, the domestic goddess who's been doing this for years, without logging in to work at a specified time, nor taking a day off or calling in sick, anytime.

The job profile of a fulltime homemaker

As a homemaker, the hours are long and there's no pay coming in at the end of the month. And yet, the modern Indian woman has been balancing the monthly domestic budget, ensuring the family’s fitness and planning for the kids’ future. Nor does she neglect her own identity.

A new Nielsen study on Life Freedom Index in India commissioned by HDFC Life shows that Indian women in the 25-45 age group are increasingly prioritising their own physical and mental fitness in order to better take care of the family. An improved standard of living and children’s future also matters increasingly more to the urban Indian woman, and thus defines her choices.

The Indian woman is no longer content in being the invisible support to the family, but is financially aware and wants to make her own conscious choices.

Her skills required for to run a household are not restricted to any one sector, multi-tasking is all important and people management tops the list every time. Financial planning for her is thus an increasingly important activity too.

Now you know what it's worth

The enforced lockdown necessitated by the global coronavirus pandemic has ensured that all family members pitch in to help with household chores, usually done by the woman of the house. While she still shoulders the lion's share, husbands and children are beginning to understand the worth of the continuous tasks she usually engages with, just to keep the home running smoothly. Just as the domestic help is missed sorely, the mother's worth in organising, negotiating and expediting the hundred things around the house is now being given a silent salute.

Here's what you can do

Now that you know the crucial role the woman plays in the role of the household, it's time to recognise her emotional and physical needs, to give her a respite from work once in a while, to give her a shoulder when the domestic stress gets too much and to make sure she is as happy as she wants you to be.

A sensible and heart-warming way of doing that would also be to invest in a financial product that promises to take care of her all her life. If you want to ensure that she will get the benefits of your life insurance policy when you are no more, you could buy HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus that offers security from uncertainties in life.

There's a lot you can do for the women in your family who have been offering you their lives without expecting anything in return. This year, think different. Gift her the gift of life and happiness through a range of insurance plans from HDFC Life.


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