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How Life Insurers View Mysterious Death Claims

June 18, 2018
If the circumstances of life assured's death is puzzling, it is important to know what process life insurance companies follow during claim servicing. Lack of knowledge can be harmful, and can even complicate matters.

The goal of life insurance is to provide financial protection to your family after you are gone. The insurance company provides your family the sum assured. But if an insurance company suspects foul play, the claim is always delayed. It usually happens when the company sees the death has happened quickly after taking the policy.

Life insurance Company first needs to rule out it is not a case of suicide. In case the family member is found innocent, the payment is released. But in case the nominee is found involved, the payment is given to the legal heir of the person.

Suicide is not covered in the first year of the policy; however, if it happens after the first year the insurance company will pay the claim. To have a smoother claim experience in mysterious or unnatural death cases, it is advisable that the nominee gathers the past and current medical records (in case it is death owing to illness). For unnatural death, post-mortem report, FIR, newspaper clip if any, and final police investigation report should be kept ready. A parallel investigation is also carried out by the life insurance company before the claim payment.

Only after the insurance company has established that the death was natural and nobody was involved does it process the claim to the nominee.

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