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Why You Should Not Hurry When It Comes To Investing

April 28, 2018

"Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing" says the disclaimer in every investment advertisement. Quite often, this disclaimer makes us wonder whether our money would be safe if we invest it. The dilemma you go through before making an investment is quite understood, but that should not deter you from investing, right? Even though investing your money in term plans has its own pros and cons, you can always plan and investigate before investing- after all, it's your hard-earned money. 

Let us chart the positive aspects of investing in term plans:

 1.  Affordable: Term plans are affordable. It doesn't have an upper limit, which enables even the small investors to participate in the market by investing in term plans.

 2.  Diversification: Term plans are inherently about investing in securities across various asset classes in a way, which diversifies your portfolio. It helps in cushioning the losses in a particular asset class; if one sector is not performing well, the other sectors can compensate for the loss.

 3.  Professional Portfolio Management: Your portfolio is constantly managed by a professional, which helps you to get maximum returns on your investments. You get better investment advice basis your goals and appetite.

 4.  Liquidity: Exiting from the market becomes easy when you have invested in a term plan. Both entry and exit from the market is flexible. Once you instruct to exit from the market, the funds are transferred to your account at the earliest.

HDFC Life offers a variety of investment options to choose from:

  • Protection Plans - Provides full protection and financial stability to your loved ones at unforeseen circumstances.
  • Children's Plan - Financial planning for your child's future needs
  • Savings and Investment Plans - Provides multiple avenues to save and grow your money
  • Retirement Plans - To continue to live with pride post your retirement
  • ULIP Plans - Provides customization as per your goals and risk appetite

Apart from these plans, HDFC Life offers many other plans that you can select from as per your goals. Now that you have a wide range to select from, why not start investing NOW?