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Is Life Insurance Really a Good Investment?

November 05, 2018

There are a lot of arguments when it comes to investing in Life Insurance. While some consider it a safe and secure investment to one's future, others call it a security which one needs rather than something that should be considered as "investment".

While investing in an Insurance one need to first separate the notion that it will be as beneficial as a stock or bond in a short period of time and only consider it when they are willing to spend time in it and consider it to be a security when everything else fails.

When investing, one should first buy term insurance, which is the least expensive type of life insurance and secures your family for the future. Once a person has taken care of this need, it leaves them free to invest rest of their money in other form of investments which might give them better return in shorter period of time.

One can also plan these life insurance investments for major life events in their future like, child's college education, and wedding or for buying a house.

An insurance will get an income tax-deferred growth which means you don't pay taxes on any interest, dividends or capital gains.

The money would also be secured and thus available for the event you have planned it for.

Bottom Line that one must keep in mind while spending money in life insurance is that buying it as an investment might make sense only if you are looking for long term investment and security and not looking at it for short term return.

Further one should never consider life Insurance as an investment but is more a necessity to secure your family's future and not something from which you can gain money out of. Thus, spend money on Life Insurance as a security and necessity and not as an investment.

Here are few good insurance plans that you can consider while planning for your future and securing it for your spouse and kids.

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