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Cricket Fielding Positions & Your Investment Portfolio

November 21, 2023

In every cricket match there are some exceptional performances as well as some letdowns. While most people are enthralled by the exploits of the bowlers and batters, it is the fielders who provide a sense of security to the team. Even a top-class bowler will be ineffective if they do not get support from their fielders. And when the bowlers do get that support, even the best batter in the world can be reined in. The fielders assume even more importance when the batters from their team have been unable to put enough runs on the board. In such situations, it becomes vital to position fielders as per their fitness, flexibility and skill. This can make the difference between glory and gloom.

Taking a leaf from the book of cricket, the world of investments, too, offers many instruments to be placed strategically in your portfolio. Each instrument plays a different role for different individuals in their unique financial journeys.

1. Wicketkeeper (Catchers) : The Constant Guardian of Your Game's Future

The fast bowler can confidently swing their ball either way because they know the wicketkeeper will catch it whichever way it turns. The wicketkeeper stands close behind the stumps for the spin bowlers, stopping the opposition batters from being too adventurous. The bowlers and the wicketkeeper are so much in sync with each other that they hardly need to use words to communicate.

Just like a skilled wicketkeeper, HDFC Life's offers Savings plans that work as a 'safe pair of hands' for you. These plans help you to build a corpus for your financial future and offer the safety net of insurance for the present.

2. Slip (Catchers) : Grasping Every Opportunity

Slip fielders are forever anticipating that slight edge off the bat. They are ready to pounce upon every opportunity. For this, they need to be very flexible and alert.

Similarly, HDFC Life's Sanchay Plus is a savings plan which offers flexibility with multiple policy terms and premium payment options so investors can tailor it to their unique needs.

3. Mid-on, Mid-off, Point and Cover (Savers): Safeguarding Your Financial Foundation

The fielders in these positions play a pivotal role in preventing quick singles, as also in stopping the cracking boundary shots. They are positioned close to the pitch, forcing the batters to think twice before trying to steal a run.

Mirroring this, HDFC Life Sanchay Plus protects your hard-earned wealth from the hard-hitting strokes of life. Further, its guaranteed additions help investors accumulate wealth and run-out inflation.

4. Long-on, Long-off and Deep Square Leg (Boundary Sentinels): Weathering Storms and Embracing Growth

These fielders provide protection near the boundary ropes. Any mistimed stroke from the opposition batter is converted into a wicket-taking opportunity by these fielders. These fielders need to cover a lot of ground while judging perfectly the trajectory of the ball flying towards them from a long distance and height.

In the same vein, HDFC Life Sanchay Plus acknowledges that every investor takes a different trajectory in their financial life. Hence, it offers 4 different plan options: Guaranteed Income1, Guaranteed Maturity, Life long Income and Long Term income. Additionally, the riders2 offered along with the main plan help in contingency planning.

A Steadfast Player in Your Investment Team

Cricket and investments, both are built upon strategic positioning and long-term planning. A winning combination is incomplete without versatile players.

A flexible and athletic fielder can help execute a game plan to perfection. They can help turn the tide of a match. Similarly, HDFC Life's savings plans can act as the game-changer for your portfolio. They can help you provide financial security to your loved ones, while helping you accumulate wealth.

Further, these plans are not linked to the market. This means, they are not affected by market volatility. They help you gain peace of mind even in chaos. Let HDFC Life savings plans be the star player in your financial team, securing your future and delivering dependable performance in your journey towards financial bliss.

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ARN: ED/11/23/6258

1. Provided all due Premium(s) have been paid and the policy is in force.

2.For all details on riders kindly refer to the rider brochures available on our website.