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3 Tips to Boost Your Child's Personality Development

November 04, 2016
Personality development is not just important for adults, it's as critical for children, maybe more so. A sense of character at a young age harbours a similar streak in adulthood. Conversely undesirable personality traits in childhood are extremely difficult to reverse after the formative period.

These are the basic steps that can help you exert a constructive influence on your child's personality

  • Build esteem

    One easy way to do that by accepting, respecting and valuing your child for the person he/she is, rather than the person you want him/her to be.

  • It's not what you say, it's what you do

    It's important to impart ethics, good manners and politeness to your child from a very young age. It helps build character and lays the foundation for a strong personality. However, this is best served when parents first practice this in their own lives because children observe them all the time. It's not what parents say, it's what they do or exhibit that is a guidepost for children.

  • Unearthing hidden gems

    There are some skills in the child that are apparent to the parent early on, which they hone to make him/her better at it. But the challenge for parents is to unearth talent in the child that even he/she is unaware of. That rare bit of talent, if nurtured carefully, could be a turning point in his/her development and personality.

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