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Health Insurance in Bangalore

In Bangalore, health insurance is essential due to rising healthcare costs and lifestyle-related health risks. ...Read More

Explore the range Health Plans by HDFC Life to cover your medical expenses
With Health plans from HDFC Life you can opt for medical insurance at affordable rates


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Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance in Bangalore

Health Insurance in Bangalore
February 06, 2024


The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore, is the information and technology capital of India. This city is home to several start-ups and prominent MNCs. Consequently, Bangalore attracts several people from all over India seeking better employment options and a luxurious life. 

Bangalore is a thriving hub for medical tourism internationally with excellent healthcare facilities. However, growing healthcare prices make it tough for Bangalore residents to avail them while focusing on savings. 

This is why health insurance in Bangalore is a necessity. Keep reading for comprehensive knowledge on the best medical insurance plans in this city.  

Significance of Health Insurance in Bangalore

With a growing population and medical requirements, health insurance plans are essential for Bangalore residents. The points below will provide a clear idea of why you need a health insurance plan in Bangalore today:

  • Medical Emergencies

A health emergency or accident can happen at any time. The expense to address the same can be huge and can severely affect your financial plans. To avoid feeling helpless and provide your loved ones with the best medical facilities, health insurance is necessary. 

  • Urban Lifestyle Issues

We already know Bangalore is a tech hub. The majority of this city's population work day and night without paying attention to their health. This introduces the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Along with work pressure, poor eating habits, alcohol, tobacco and other urban lifestyle elements hamper our health. 

To ensure you and your loved ones receive the best medical facility, a health insurance plan is necessary for everyone. 

  • Family Coverage

With the best medical insurance in Bangalore, you can opt for medical coverage for yourself and your family. You can opt for a suitable health insurance plan as per your finances to meet the medical needs of your loved ones without compromises. 

  • Special Treatments

Besides being an IT hub, Bangalore is a popular destination for advanced medical treatments. A health insurance policy makes it easier for every individual to access advanced medical assistance in the best hospitals in Bangalore. 

  • Growing Healthcare Expenses

With each passing day, the medical expenses in Bangalore like other metro cities in India are increasing. As a result, medical expenses for a person with average income in Bangalore can be too hefty. To allow middle and upper-middle-class families to meet their expensive medical requirements, having health insurance in Bangalore is necessary.

  • Tax Benefits

Your health insurance policy premiums are also eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D * of the Income Tax Act. This acts as a major financial advantage for policyholders.

  • Long-Term Plan

Health insurance is necessary as part of any long-term financial plan. By paying premiums towards the best medical insurance in Bangalore, you can access healthcare needs during an emergency. A health insurance policy helps keep you and your loved ones prepared to encounter any medical emergency. 

Reasons to Buy Online Health Insurance in Bangalore

You can browse and purchase the best health insurance plan in Bangalore online from the comfort of your home. Here are the reasons why buying health insurance in Bangalore online is better than conventional modes:

  • Hassle-Free Purchase

Time is of the essence and it is tough for any individual to wait in long queues and complete elaborate procedures to buy health insurance plans. To skip this hassle, you can opt for online purchase of health insurance plans. Most banks provide 24*7 online services to help you apply for the plan of your choice at your convenience time. 

You can also connect with the customer service of an insurance provider instantly for any assistance regarding policy purchases. Thus, the online health insurance in Bangalore application process is quick and easier.

  • Instant Purchase

Unlike conventional processes, you do not have to go through elaborate application and verification processes while purchasing health insurance online. All you need to do is enter your details in the bank's system once and it will be stored for the future. However, you need to complete the KYC process to authenticate your identity. Then, you can purchase a new policy with a few clicks.

  • Comparative Analysis

It is crucial to compare different health insurance plans to decide the best medical insurance in Bangalore for yourself and your family. The online procedure will help streamline the process of comparison and shortlist the right health insurance policy for you. 

Advantages of Health Insurance in Bangalore

The following factors make health insurance in Bangalore beneficial:

  • With a medical insurance policy, you can access the best medical facilities for yourself and your family members. 

  • Avail medical assistance from hospitals in Bangalore without worrying about expenses. 

  • A health insurance policy in Bangalore is essential keeping in mind the growing medical inflation in the city. 

  • A comprehensive health insurance policy will cover everything from the cost of medicines and treatments to hospital room rent, diagnostic fees and doctor consultations. 

  • Health insurance policies also cover pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, daycare treatments and alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

How Much Health Insurance Coverage Do You Need in Bangalore?

Considering the inflation and growing medical expenses in Bangalore, financial experts suggest you opt for medical insurance coverage of Rs. 10 lakh as individual insurance. On the other hand, if you are opting for healthcare coverage for yourself and your family in Bangalore, you can opt for a health insurance policy of Rs. 30 lakh or more. 

Things That Are Covered under Health Insurance Plans in Bangalore

The points below will take you through the aspects that our health insurance policies will cover in Bangalore:

  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses

Health insurance in Bangalore covers pre and post-hospitalisation expenses like medicine, diagnosis, treatments and doctors' fees under policy coverage. 

  • Daycare Treatments

Our health plans also cover daycare treatments. These are the medical requirements that do not require insured patients to be admitted to a hospital for 24 hours or more. 

  • No Claim Bonus

For a claim-free year during your policy tenure, your insurer will reward you. As per the agreement, they will either reduce your premium or boost your sum insured amount for not raising a claim. 

  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation

By opting for the best health insurance in Bangalore, you can get coverage for expenses associated with domiciliary hospitalisation. These are instances when a patient receives medical assistance at home in case they are unable to visit hospitals. 

  • Annual Health Checkups

It is no secret that diagnosis and health check-up costs are increasing rapidly. A medical insurance policy helps cover these expenses for insured members throughout their policy term. 

  • Cashless Cover

You can also avail cashless in-patient hospitalisation coverage with your health insurance plan in Bangalore. Consequently, you do not need to carry cash while visiting any network hospital as we will directly settle bills with the hospital. 

  • Additional Covers

Along with the base health insurance policy, you can opt for certain add-ons or riders. These add-ons can cover expenses like ICU charges, free ambulance, maternity and post-partum expenses, second opinion, organ donation, etc.

Things That Are Not Covered under Health Insurance Plans in Bangalore?

Things that most health insurance plans in Bangalore do not cover are: 

  • Pregnancy or Infertility treatment

  • Ailments due to overconsumption of alcohol

  • Health supplements

  • Treatments associated with change of gender

  • Dental and cosmetic surgeries

  • Injuries due to suicide attempts

  • Weight control therapy

  • Hormone and supplement therapy

  • Eyesight correction

Things to Consider before Purchasing Health Insurance in Bangalore

Here are a few things you must remember before purchasing the best health insurance in Bangalore for you. 

  • Waiting Period

Every health insurance policy comes with a waiting period during which you cannot file any form of insurance claim. This period might vary among insurers and ranges from 30 days to 90 days. The waiting period varies for pre-existing illnesses and maternity treatments.

To choose the right health insurance in Bangalore, you must watch out for the waiting periods of insurance policy while comparing different plans. 

  • Cashless Health Insurance

Certain health insurance providers offer a facility wherein they will take care of your medical bills in any network hospital. Under this, you do not need to worry about paying medical bills from your pocket and waiting for reimbursement. 

Thus, you must consider the size of the insurer’s hospital network while purchasing health insurance in Bangalore.  

  • Room Rent Capping

After hospitalisation, the hospital authorities might charge you for the room and associated facilities. This may vary depending on the type of room you have opted for.

Today, many insurers include a limit to cover room rents during hospitalisation. This room rent capping might also include charges for ICU rooms as well. While opting for health insurance, you must check the room rent capping rate as you might need to pay extra expenses from your pocket. 

  • Add-on Covers

Very often, health insurance policies let you add other additional covers to your basic plan with extra charges. Maternity health insurance is one such cover a person planning for a family can opt for. These add-on covers come with additional charges that you must pay with your initial premium. 

Consider thoroughly researching the cost and benefits of add-on covers before opting for them. 

  • Pre-Existing Diseases

The IRDAI defines pre-existing diseases as illnesses diagnosed 48 hours or more before the purchase of a health insurance policy. Under the domain of pre-existing diseases, insurers consider ailments like asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. 

By notifying insurers about pre-existing diseases, you can claim insurance benefits after completing the waiting period. Waiting periods for pre-existing diseases can range from 2-4 years. 

Tips for Finding the Best Health Insurance Policy in Bangalore?

You can keep the following tips in mind when looking for health insurance in Bangalore for you and your family:

  • Calculate Your Premium and Sum Insured

It is important to know the premium that suits your finances while opting for sufficient health insurance coverage for you and your loved ones. You can calculate your premium and sum insured beforehand manually or use online tools to do this. 

  • Know Your Insurance Needs

Before buying a health insurance policy, it is important to be aware of your long-term plan. You must have a clear idea of the medical needs of the person to insure. You need to consider the person’s age, existing medical conditions and current lifestyle to decide the coverage amount. These details will help you choose the right health insurance policy in Bangalore for yourself and your family. 

  • Look for Network Hospitals

Take a look at the list of partner hospitals under the health insurance policy and check if the insurer covers hospitals near your location. This will help you avail the best medical facility for yourself and your family at the time of emergency.

  • Choose Maximum Coverage

Before finalising a health insurance policy, you must browse the terms and conditions thoroughly. Following this, opting for broader coverage will be a wiser decision to cover medical expenses for yourself and your family for a longer tenure. 

  •  Deductions on Claims

Insurers should cover your entire medical expense in network hospital and you do not have to opt for any co-payment.  That is it is a good idea to avoid plans with deductibles or co-payment clauses unless you have sufficient savings. 

  • Know What Is Not Covered

A health insurance policy covers several medical expenses of an insured. However, most health insurance plans do not cover certain instances. Therefore, before opting for medical insurance, consider going through the policy’s inclusions, exclusions and other terms. 

What Is the Claim Procedure in Bangalore? 

The procedure to claim health insurance in Bangalore with us is quite simple. You can initiate the claim procedure online with a few quick steps. All you need to do is verify policy details and submit the insured person and nominee details.

Cashless Claim Processes 

The steps below will take you through the process for a cashless claim of health insurance in Bangalore. 

Planned Hospitalisation

Step 1: Contact your insurance provider to raise a claim at least five days before your medical treatment. 

Step 2: The insurer will provide you with a cashless claim form. Fill up and submit the same to proceed with the next steps. 

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation letter from the insurer after they notify the network hospital. 

Step 4: On the date of hospital admission, submit your confirmation letter and health card to hospital authorities.  

Emergencies and Accidents

Step 1: Notify your insurance provider within 24 hours from an emergency hospitalisation. Submit all the documents required.

Step 2: The hospital will fill in the details in your cashless claim request form and submit it. Following this, the insurer will cover all medical expenses for the insured with the hospital after giving an authorisation letter. 

Step 3: The payment from the insurer will be processed after they complete the review process. 

How to Renew HDFC Life Health Insurance in Bangalore?

To renew HDFC Life Health Insurance in Bangalore, you can visit our official website and pay the renewal amount online. To go ahead with this process, you need to choose from any of the given payment methods. You can also enable an auto debit facility with HDFC Life to debit premiums at every due date. 

HDFC Life Health Insurance accepts renewal payments in-forced and pending renewal policies. 

What Are The Types Of Health Insurance in Bangalore?

The points below highlight the major types of health insurance in Bangalore you can avail. 

  • Individual Health Insurance: For an individual or a single person purchasing a health insurance policy

  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance: For senior citizens above 60 years

  • Family Floater Health Insurance: Insurance plan to cover family members of the insured

  • Group Health Insurance: Insurance policy for a group of individuals like employees

  • Critical Illness Health Insurance: Provides lump sum benefits on expensive treatments of critical illnesses

  • Top-up Health Insurance: Additional coverage on your basic plan up to a certain amount

  • Disease-Specific Health Insurance: Provides medical coverage for specific ailments or diseases

  • Personal Accident Cover: Covers expenses of treatments of insurer for death or complete or partial disability

Summing up

Like other metro cities, the tech hub of India, Bangalore is also a victim of medical inflation with every passing day. Thus, health insurance in Bangalore is a necessity for every person in this city. 

While purchasing a health insurance policy, consider being open about every detail of your health condition. This will help make your insurance claiming process seamless and easy as hiding these details can lead to claim rejections. 

FAQs on Health Insurance in Bangalore 

Q1. Which health insurance is best in Bangalore?

To choose the best health insurance in Bangalore, you must pay attention to certain details like total coverage, your financial requirements, premium, and ailments covered among others. Choosing the right insurance plan is subjective and thus consider conducting thorough research or seeking help from an expert.

Q2. Is Rs. 2 lakh health insurance enough in Bangalore?

Health insurance of Rs. 2 lakh might be low to cover medical expenses for a metro city like Bangalore. Financial experts suggest you must opt for a minimum health cover of Rs. 5-10 lakh in this city. 

Q3. What is the right age to buy health insurance in Bangalore?

Experts suggest that the right age to buy health insurance in Bangalore is mid-20s and early 30s for long-term benefits. The younger you are the lower your costs.

Q4. How can I calculate health insurance quotes in Bangalore?

You can opt for online tools like HDFC Health Insurance Premium Calculators to compute health insurance quotes in Bangalore. 

Q5. Are health insurance rates less in Bangalore?

Health insurance rates are moderate in Bangalore as this city is Zone B which is less expensive than Zone A cities.  

Q6. Is it possible to buy health insurance in Bangalore online?

Yes, you can buy health insurance online by visiting your respective insurer's online platform. 

Q7. Can I file a claim immediately after buying the health insurance policy in Bangalore?

No, you cannot file a claim right after buying health insurance in Bangalore before completing the waiting period. 

Q8. Can I buy a single health insurance plan for myself and my family in Bangalore?

Yes, you can buy a family floater or group insurance plan to cover the medical expenses of yourself and your family under one medical insurance in Bangalore. 

Q9. What is the maximum number of claims I can raise against my health insurance policy in Bangalore?

You can raise as many possible claims for your health insurance till your sum insured is exhausted. Check your policy’s terms and conditions to know the insurer’s specific rules.

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