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Why HDFC Life Sanchay Legacy?
  • Lumpsum Payout on diagnosis of any one of the 19 Critical Illnesses

  • Available as an additional benefit with your insurance policy at a affordable cost

  • Option to choose this Rider on inception or any subsequent policy anniversary of the Base Policy

  • Lumpsum Payout on diagnosis of any one of the 19 Critical Illnesses

  • Available as an additional benefit with your insurance policy at a affordable cost

  • Option to choose this Rider on inception or any subsequent policy anniversary of the Base Policy

Why HDFC Life Sanchay Legacy?


Benefits Available Under HDFC Life Critical Illness Plus Rider


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Eligibility Criteria


Minimum Entry Age (last birthday)

18 years

Maximum Entry Age (last birthday)

65 years

Maturity age (last birthday)

Up to 75 years

Minimum Rider Policy Term

5 years

Maximum Rider Policy term1

Maximum policy period offered will be consistent with the base policy.

Rider Premium Payment Term

Regular Pay
Limited Pay – 5 and 10 years

Minimum Rider Sum Assured

₹ 25,000

Maximum Rider Sum Assured

No limit, subject to satisfactory underwriting2

All ages mentioned above are age last birthday.

  1. This Rider will not be offered where the outstanding Rider Premium Paying Term under the Base Policy is less than 5 years.
  2. The maximum Sum Assured shall not exceed the Sum Assured of the Base Policy to which this rider is attached.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why should you buy a critical insurance policy?

Here’s some crucial information. In India, the number of people suffering from cancer stood at 1.37 million in 2015.That number is projected to rise by 1.80 million by 2020, an increase of more than 31.4 per cent, according to report in the Journal of Cancer Policy 2018, titled “Projections of burden of cancers-A new approach for measuring incidence cases for India and its states – Till 2025. Deaths due to cardiovascular conditions rose 34 % in the past couple of decades according to a survey as reported in Outlook Money, India. Clearly, more persons will suffer from some critical illness or the other. Be it cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, etc, critical illnesses are on the rise.Health treatment costs are increasing exponentially as well. The probability of even the younger population contracting some major sickness or the other is increasing. Not having a critical insurance policy exposes you to a heavy financial burden.

2 How long does a critical illness insurance claim take?

A critical illness insurance policy offers a huge cover in case the policy holder contracts a major illness such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, liver problems, etc. Most critical insurance policy companies cover at least up to 20 critical illnesses. The cover usually begins from a minimum of Rs 2 lakh. Experts recommend going for a minimum cover of Rs 10 lakh considering increased health treatment costs. Typically, a critical illness insurance policy holder needs to survive for at least 30 days from the date of his/her illness being reported in order to stake claim. There are some companies that provide the cover with no such waiting period too. Claims are usually made only 90 days after the critical insurance policy is issued.

3 What are the advantages of having a critical illness insurance?

Unhealthy lifestyles, lack of exercise, coupled with genetics and other specific conditions such as low immunity is spiking critical illness cases in India. It is often recommended that you buy a standalone critical illness insurance policy and not as part of a life insurance policy. This is because a life insurance policy with a critical illness cover may not pay for every expense. There are other advantages of a critical illness insurance policy. One principal advantage is protection from major financial liabilities. Another is access to the best medical treatment at lower cost than if it were out of pocket. There are tax benefits, both when you buy a policy as well as when you make a claim, as any claim amounts are tax-free for the policy holder.

4 Is it good to have critical illness insurance?

Many young people are under the misconception that they do not need critical illness insurance since they are young. There are two bitter truths to swallow here. One is that an increasing number of younger people are getting susceptible to one major illness or the other. The other is inflation in health treatment costs. Anything that protects you or helps you cope with an unfortunate situation is good. You never know when a disaster of any kind can strike. Think of a critical illness insurance policy as a good luck talisman against a health disaster. Since it’s more of a question of ‘if it happens’ rather than ‘when it happens’, you are at least better prepared for any consequences if you or any family members contract a critical illness.

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