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1 What is the meaning of riders in life insurance?

A rider is an add-on to the primary policy, which offers benefits

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2 HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider

An unexpected accident may affect your income, ruin your dreams and have an adverse impact on your lifestyle.

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3 Why Accidental Death Cover is Important?

Life insurance tackles numerous needs at different stages of your life.

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4 HDFC Life Critical Illness Plus Rider

This Rider provides a lump sum benefit on diagnosis of any one of the 19 critical illnesses which you can use to cover expenses associated with the illness.

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5 HDFC Life Protect Plus Rider

Get protected with a proportion of Rider Sum Assured in case of accidental death or partial/total disability due to accident or diagnosed with Cancer.

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6 HDFC Life Critical Illness Rider

This rider pays out a one-time lump sum benefit in case you are diagnosed with any of the covered Critical Illnesses as per the terms specified.


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7 HDFC Life Term Rider

Individuals looking to enhance their protection can do so by opting for a term rider at the time of policy renewal or while purchasing a new traditional policy respectively.


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8 HDFC Life Accidental Death Disability and Dismemberment Benefit Rider

This rider is an easy, inexpensive way of providing additional financial security for your family in the event of such an adversity. It extends the domain of Accidental death benefit rider by including the provision of benefit pay out even in the case of accident that lead to dismemberment or disability.

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9 HDFC Life Group Illness Rider

It has been designed to offer an enhanced financial protection for your employees in case they suffer from any Terminal Illness or the covered Critical Illness during policy term.

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