HDFC Life Click 2 Retire - Online ULIP for Retirement

HDFC Life Click 2 Retire - Online ULIP for Retirement

“HDFC Life Click 2 Retire – ULIP” is an online Unit Linked Plan that offers you market linked returns, with minimal charges and helps you achieve your retirement goals by planning well in advance.

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  • HDFC Life Click 2 Retire is an Online Pension Plan.
  • Secure your retirement with Assured Vesting Benefit and also gain from upside in the market
  • Option to start as early as 18 years
  • Lower vesting/maturity age of 45 years
  • Regular, Limited Pay & Single Pay – Options available in one product
  • Death benefits to the nominee which will be higher of the fund value of your policy at the time of death or 105% of premiums paid till then
  • Tax Benefits1 under Section 80C and Sec 10(10A) of Income Tax Act 1961


1Subject to provisions as per Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax Laws are subject to change.

    • Vesting Benefit:

      Your policy vests at the end of the policy term, and your Maturity (Vesting) Benefit will be the higher of the following :

      Fund Value or Assured Vesting Benefit

      Assured Vesting Benefit can be calculated as:
      [101% +1% * (Policy Term minus Premium Paying Term)] * Total premiums paid

      At vesting (on maturity), you have the opportunity to purchase an annuity from a range of options. You will get guaranteed income for life for yourself and your spouse. You also have the option to commute up to 1/3rd of the benefit at vesting tax-free as per prevailing tax laws
      1. Deferment of Vesting Date
        1. The deferment of vesting date (retirement date) can be intimated any time before annuitisation.
        2. You can postpone the vesting date any number of times subject to the maximum vesting age of 75 years, provided you are below an age of 55 years.
        3. On postponement of vesting date, Assured Vesting Benefit and Death Benefit will continue to apply. The Assured Vesting Benefit will be the same as that calculated on the policy term chosen at the inception of the policy.
        4. The funds will move to Pension Conservative Fund and all applicable charges will continue to be deducted.
      2. Death Benefit: In case of your unfortunate demise before the end of policy term, your nominee will receive the higher of the following:
        1. Fund Value,
        2. 105% of the premium(s) paid. The policy will terminate thereafter and no more benefits will be payable.
      3. Charges
        1. Premium allocation charge – Nil.
        2. Policy administration charge – Nil.
        3. Fund Management Charge – 1.35% p.a. of the fund value charged daily.
        4. Mortality Charge –Nil.
        5. Discontinuance charge – Nil.
        6. Investment Guarantee charge
          Pension Equity Plus Fund
          SFIN - ULIF06001/04/14PenEqPlsFd101
          0.50% p.a.
          Pension Income Fund
          SFIN - ULIF06101/04/14PenIncFund101
          0.50% p.a.
          Pension Conservative Fund
          SFIN - ULIF06201/04/14PenConsvFd101
          0.10% p.a.


          This is a unit linked plan; the premiums you pay in this plan are subject to investment risks associated with the capital markets. The unit prices of the funds may go up or down, reflecting changes in the capital markets.

      4. Fund Details
          Market Instruments, Cash & Deposits
          Government Securities, Fixed Income Instruments & Bonds Equity
          Pension Equity Plus Fund ULIF06101/04/14
          To generate long term capital appreciation in line or better than Nifty index returns 0% to 20% 0% to 20% 80% to 100% Very High
          Pension Income Fund ULIF06001/04/14
          To deliver High potential returns due to investments in instruments with higher duration and credit exposure 0% to 20% 80% to100% - Moderate
          Pension Conservative Fund ULIF06201/04/14
          To invest in high grade fixed income instruments and Government securities at the short end of the yield curve,to deliver stable returns 0% to 60% 40% to 100% - Low
      Entry Age and Vesting Age
      Age at entry3 Minimum 18 years
      Maximum 65 years
      Vesting Age3 Minimum 45 years
      Maximum 75 years


      Premium Payment Term (Years)Policy Term (Years)
      Single Pay 10, 15 to 35
      8 Pay 10, 15 to 35
      10 Pay 10, 15 to 35
      15 Pay 15 to 35


      There is no limit on the maximum premium which you can pay. The minimum premiums required will depend on choice of option and premium payment frequency that you choose

      Premium / Payment FrequencyRegular & Limited
      Pay Options
      Single Pay Options
      Minimum Premium Annual 24000 NA
      Half Yearly 12000 NA
      Quarterly 6000 NA
      Monthly4 2000 NA
      Single Pay NA 50000
      Maximum Premium No Limit5


      4Subject to our prevailing operational rules, it may be required for Monthly Frequency to be taken with ECS/SI and to pay first 3 months premium in advance. 5 Subject to our Board Approved Underwriting Policy

      For more details on risk factors, charges, terms and conditions, please read the Product Brochure carefully and/or consult Financial Consultant before taking a decision.