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HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus is a term insurance plan in India which provides you comprehensive protection at an affordable price and helps you to protect yourself and your loved ones against the uncertainties that life may throw at you. This term life insurance policy provides wide range of cover options and you can choose the cover depending on your need. You can even secure your family’s day to day requirements when you are not around by way of monthly income under Income & Income Plus Option.

Why you need this Plan ?

  • Ensure financial stability for your loved ones forever
  • Maintain your family’s standard of living even in your absence
  • Provide complete protection to your dear ones at an affordable price

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Benefits Available Under HDFC Life Click 2 Protect plus
    • Death Benefit under the plan is:
    • For Single Premium Policy: Higher of :
      1. 125% of Single Premium
      2. Sum Assured
    • For Regular Premium Policy: Higher of :
      1. 10 times the annualized premium
      2. 105% of the total premiums paid as on date of death
      3. Sum Assured
    • Death Benefit shall be payable in the form of a lump sum upon death
    • Death Benefit shall be payable in the form of a lump sum and an additional benefit equal to the Sum Assured shall be payable in case of accidental death.
    • Under Income Option, the Death Benefit is paid in the following manner:

      a. 10% of the Death Benefit paid as a lump sum upon death
      b. Remaining 90% of the Death Benefit shall be paid as monthly income over next 15 years (0.5% of Death Benefit every month for 15 years)

      • Under Income Plus Option, the Death Benefit is paid in the following manner:

        a. 100% of the Death Benefit shall be paid as a lump sum upon death
        b. In addition, a monthly income equal to 0.5% of the Sum Assured shall be payable for a period of 10 years. The monthly income can be level or increasing at a simple rate of 10% p.a. as chosen by the policyholder.

    Eligibility CriteriaLife Option Extra Life OptionIncome  OptionIncome Plus Option 
    Min Age at Entry

    18 Years

    Max Age at Entry

    65 years

    Min Policy Term

    5 years

    10 years

    Max Policy Term

    (85 years - Age at Entry)

    40 years

    Premium Payment Mode

    Single Pay,
    Regular Pay#,
    Limited Pay* : 5 years, 10 years, 12 years and (Policy term - 5) years

    Premium Payment Frequency

    Single, Annual, Half yearly, Quarterly, Monthly

    Min Age at Maturity

    23 years

    Max Age at Maturity

    85 years

    75 years

    Minimum Basic Sum Assured

    Rs. 25 Lakhs

    Maximum Basic Sum Assured

    There is no limit on maximum sum Assured, subject to satisfactory underwriting

    #Regular pay means when premium paying term is equal to policy term
    *Limited pay means when premium paying term is less than policy term
    Age has to be taken as of "last birthday" basis
    For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions, please read the Product Brochure carefully and/or consult Financial Consultant before taking a decision

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an ideal insurance cover?

    The ideal life insurance cover which should be at least 5-10 times your annual income. Simply put, you should have enough life insurance cover so that your family can cover the liabilities and manage for at least 5-7 years without your income.

    I have a company cover - do I need a term plan?

    People have enormous faith in the life insurance cover that their employer provides for them. Our research insights tell us that cover provided by the employer typically is equal to the annual income. This isn't adequate. Also, this insurance lasts as long as you are employed with the organization. If you change jobs, start a company of your own or become a freelancer, you won't have the same insurance cover. If these events happen when you are older, the cost of insurance will be higher too.

    Till when do you need the cover? What should be an ideal policy term?

    Your insurance policy should cover a person till the age he intends to retire. Till a few years ago, this was 60 years. However, in our new age we may have late marriages and having children at a higher age mean responsibilities do not end at 60. Experts suggest a life cover till 65 years, though it may vary according to circumstances.

    We will not recommend you a short-term cover of 15-20 years that ends when you are in your 40s. The premium will be very low because you will be insuring yourself for the non-risky years. 40s are perhaps the time when you should have the best possible coverage. If you take fresh insurance at that age, it will be very expensive. You might even be denied a policy because of your health.

    Why HDFC Life Click2Protect Term Insurance Plan?

    Looking for an easier way to insure yourself and secure your loved ones happiness? You know that the solution is a term insurance plan and you seek a plan that is convenient to buy and is affordable. Your search ends here. HDFC Life is happy to present the perfect plan for your protection needs HDFC Life Click 2 Protect! HDFC Life Click 2 Protect is a term insurance plan. This plan provides for a payment of a lump sum in the event of your unfortunate death during the policy term.

    Do I need to do anything else after making the payment?

    You simply have to complete the verification call that may be made to you by HDFC Life and send your documents. In case there is a requirement for a medical examination or any other underwriting requirement, the company will keep you updated.

    Will I have to undergo a medical test?

    The requirement for a medical test may or may not arise depending on the underwriting requirements and your health disclosures. Your medical tests will be short and basic (some examples are: blood test, urine test etc.) and rest will depend on your health status. This will be communicated to you by HDFC Life if the requirement arises.

    How much time will be taken for processing after you get my documents?

    It will take approximately 5 to 10 working days to issue your policy after all your KYC or Financial documents, medical results (if medicals are done) are received. Once we receive your documents, your policy will go through our underwriting processes. In the meantime, HDFC Life may contact you from time to time for any medical/underwriting or further requirements. After all these processes are cleared, your policy will be issued and documents will be couriered to you. Do remember to put in your exact pin code, communication address which will help us deliver your documents correctly.

    Why can't HDFC Life issue the policy there and then? Why will HDFC Life ask for further details when the online form is exhaustive or long?

    It is important that every person pays the correct premium amount and gets the correct life insurance cover. This will differ from person to person, depending on their risk profile in terms of their financial and health disclosures. HDFC Life always carries out its underwriting procedures thoroughly and carefully before the policy is issued so that when you actually need the money at the time of the claim, it is done in an efficient and hassle free manner and no problems arise for you. Because of this, we also have one of the highest claim settlements in the industry.

    Where can I contact / write to know the status of my application?

    You can write to us at or call our toll free number 1800 266 9777

    Can I buy one more online policy?

    Yes, you can buy another online policy in your name if you believe you need more life cover. However, the acceptance of the same will be subject to underwriting approval.

    What is your claim settlement process?

    At HDFC Life we lend a helping hand by enabling faster settlement of claims and help the family financially at the time of distress. For any assistance or query relating to reporting claims (Death Claims / Critical Illness Claims) your family member may get in touch with us by emailing us at and we will get back to you with the details that will be required to process a claim. To help you arrange the documents we have drawn up a list of documents that you may be required to send along with the claims form. This list is for your reference only and the complete list may vary for each claim. You can view this list at the following url:

    Call us on - 1860 267 9999 (Local charges apply) for any assistance / documentation required for processing claims.

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    glossary entry point
    Having problems in understanding the jargons, let us help you out.
    4 simple steps to reduce the premiums for term plan

    A great way of looking at a term life insurance plan is to consider it as an expense on the financial safety of your family, and thereby, make it a part of the household budget. That way, you could actually consider ways to reduce its cost without compromising on the quality of the safety net it provides to your family. Here is how you can lower the premium of your term plan even as you enjoy the best life insurance coverage.

    How to find out life insurance cover your family truly needs

    One of the many dangers of having no or less-than-adequate life insurance is that, in your absence, your family members and dependants could struggle to meet current expenses and future needs. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the right life insurance amount so that your family continues to lead a normal life even when you are not there.
    • Your family is dependent on your earnings to take care of its daily expenses and to accomplish its future goals, such as buying a house, children’s higher education, wedding and spouse’s welfare after retirement. If you take the present or today’s value of all the future earnings throughout your work life which you would contribute to your family, it would give you an amount that could take care of the family in your absence. This is your Human Life Value. This is the basic life insurance your family needs to maintain its current lifestyle and fulfil all life goals in your absence. There are many websites with calculators that could help you arrive at this value. A quick way to get a ballpark estimate of the amount is to take your annual expense amount and multiply it with number of years left of your work life. For instance, if your annual expense is Rs 5 lakh and the number of years of work life remaining is 20 years, you would need Rs 1 crore as base insurance cover amount.

    • The more dependants you have, say, spouse, children, parents, siblings and in-laws, higher the life insurance you would need to make provision for their sustenance. For your spouse, you would have to make a provision till the end of your work life as well as for the duration of retired life. As a rule of thumb, this provision can be 10 times your annual expense. For those who are completely dependent and partially-dependent on your income, can make this provision at 5 times and 2.5 times your annual expenses, respectively.

    • There are many life goals, such as children’s higher education and wedding, for which you need to invest regularly. Though the basic cover amount would help your family meet regular expenses of all the dependants, including your children till the time they get independent, expenses like higher education and wedding is typically borne by parents. You will also need to make provisions for these future expenses in your life insurance cover, to secure the future of your family members such as your children.

    • When you start acquiring various assets, you also take up loans, such as home, auto and personal loans. In your absence, it would be difficult for your family to clear these obligations and might even have dip into your existing savings. If you add the outstanding loan amounts to your desired insurance cover amount, it would become sufficient to protect your family from all financial obligations.

    • While the approach we have just described helps you arrive at the right life insurance amount you need, this requirement keeps changing over time. This means you need to periodically review the adequacy of the life insurance coverage. Based on growth of your income, lifestyle changes, assets accumulated, besides life milestones like parenthood, your insurance coverage requirement can increase or decrease. When you have less assets i.e. investments that can create income in the future, you need more life insurance. Similarly, as the number of dependants or your income increases, you need a larger insurance cover. Flexible term life insurance plans are available, which provide high life covers at affordable premiums and allow you to increase your life cover after milestones like birth of a child, and decrease it after accumulation of ample assets or fulfilment of major responsibilities like child’s higher education.

      To conclude, arriving at the life insurance amount requires you to take into account a host of financial factors related to your present and future. What’s more, it calls for periodic reviews on the adequacy of the amount. That’s a small ask for providing financial protection to your family.


    Widen your risk cover by attaching riders

    When you buy a term plan, you provide a basic protection cover to your family against any threat to your life; and the insurance company pays the sum assured to your nominee in the event of your death. But besides life, there are many other risks that loom over your family and threaten their future. This includes risks to your income and health. While it’s impossible to cover each of these risks, the good news is that you can cover some of the major ones through riders that can be attached with a term plan. By buying them, you widen the financial security net for your family.

    Life cover provides the basic sum assured to your nominee in the event of your untimely demise. But what if you are rendered incapacitated as a result of an accident or illness, and your earning capability is grossly hampered. Not only will your family have to undergo great hardship for your treatment, they will also have to manage the regular expenses. At such a circumstance life cover doesn’t help. Put simply, if you were to be incapacitated but alive, your family would need financial support in terms of replacement of your income, something which a life insurance policy would not offer.

    Many insurance companies offer various riders, which are tailor-made to cover specific kinds of risks. Once the eventuality covered by the rider occurs, the benefits are paid. The most important and common riders available with a term plan are: critical illness benefit, accidental death benefit, accidental disability benefit and waiver of premium. For instance, if you meet with an accident, the treatment and rehabilitation would involve huge costs, which can suck up all the savings of your family. The family member might even be forced to borrow.

    In case even after all the treatment they are not able to save you, the life cover may well fall short to cover your family’s regular expenses. In case of permanent disability, it might be very difficult for you to be gainfully employed and support your family financially. Again, your family will have to bear hardships. But with riders, such as accidental death benefit and disability benefit, your family gets an additional sum, say in the case of death due to accident, and a steady stream of income for a long period, respectively.

    Unlike a regular health insurance plan which only reimburses or supports the treatment cost of the insured person, a rider—once triggered—gives a committed payout for the given conditions. This is helpful in the event of a disability or critical illness, where you not only need a lot of money for treatment, but also for taking care of the family expenses. Therefore, a benefit that pays you a large sum under few conditions through riders will immensely help your family cope up in adverse conditions and ensure that the progress to their dreams is not irreparably damaged.

    We are aware that among various types of life insurance plans, term plans provide the highest life insurance coverage at the most affordable premiums. Riders further add to the advantage since they cover other risks at nominal costs. In effect, what this does is it ensures that a wide range of risks get covered with you not having to dig deep in your pockets.

    Calamity typically doesn’t strike with a warning. A wide risk coverage consisting of a life cover from a term plan and riders makes sure that you can reclaim your life after a disaster and the momentum in your journey to your dreams.

    We offer riders for such events
    HDFC Life Critical illness plus rider
    HDFC Life Critical Illness Plus Rider offers a lump sum benefit equal to the sum insured, if the life assured survives for a period of 30 days following the diagnosis of any of the specified 19 critical illnesses.
    HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidential Disability Rider
    HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider - In the event of total permanent disability due to an accident, you will be paid a regular monthly income equal to 1% of Sum Assured for a fixed period of 10 years.


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