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Covid-19 An Inflection Point For India’s Insurance Sector
March 31, 2020, Bloomberg Quint

Managing life insurance policy made easy by HDFC Life
March 31, 2020, Business Fundas

Bad idea to surrender Ulips midway due to market meltdown
March 31, 2020, ET Now

How will insurance and pension services work during the lockdown?
March 31, 2020, Mint

COVID-specific Insurance Policies?
March 31, 2020, ET NOW/ Times Now News

Despite hiccup, don't ditch NPS
March 30, 2020, ET Wealth

Corporate bonds get Rs 1 trillion breather
March 28, 2020, Business Standard

Reader's Corner
March 26, 2020, Business Standard

Alignment to Customer Needs is Imperative Today: Parvez Mulla, COO, HDFC Life
March 24, 2020, Elets Online

Bouncing back to the consumer's heart
March 21, 2020, Impact

Goverment doesn't determine LIC's investments
March 19, 2020, Business Standard

HDFC Life integrates face & speech recognition tech to promote term insurance solutions
March 17, 2020, exchange4media

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus Plan – Review, Features, Benefits and Details
March 16, 2020, The Financial Express

HDFC Life presents special initiative on teaching your child how to bounce back to success
March 16, 2020, Times Now News

Market Mayhem
March 16, 2020, The Hindu Businessline

Claim settlement experience wins customer confidence
March 13, 2020, Finapolis

Rise above failure
March 13, 2020, Outlook Business

Does an annuity plan work for you?
March 12, 2020, Mail Today

Women more keen on retirement
March 09, 2020, Jagruk Times

MD & CEO Interview
March 09, 2020, Sakal

Atal Pension Yojana
March 08, 2020, Dainik Jagran

Women's Financial Freedom
March 07, 2020, Maharashtra Times

Awards Mention
March 05, 2020, Mail Today

Bond spreads shrink but no cheer
March 03, 2020, Business Standard

Are life insureres equipped to sell indemnity health plans?
March 03, 2020, Mint

Securing the self against maladies
March 01, 2020, Outlook Money

HDFC Life launches season 2 of ‘Behind the Journey’ campaign
December 31, 2019, ET Brand Equity

My First Salary After Retirement
December 30, 2019, Loksatta

Bounce back to life
December 28, 2019, Lokmat

HDFC Life ties up with Paytm to expand its distribution
December 28, 2019, ET BFSI

Pvt firms beat LIC in payouts
December 26, 2019, Telegraph

A 'novel' traditional insurance plan
December 24, 2019, The Hindu Businessline

Competing only on pricing is a risky proposition
December 20, 2019, The Hindu Businessline

HDFC Life launches two payment integration services
December 19, 2019, ET Brand Equity

Future of Insurance is going to be voice & platforms
December 18, 2019, ET BFSI

5 insurance policies you should have in New Year
December 18, 2019, Moneycontrol

Want protection biz to be 25% of annualised premium equivalent in 3 years
December 18, 2019, Moneycontrol

Was govt's proposal to allow EPF-NPS switch good for you?
December 17, 2019, Mint

Insurance: Growth Unlimited
December 16, 2019, Times Now News

HDFC Life's Futurance programme enters phase two
December 5, 2019, Business Standard

HDFC Life offers policy with benefits of whole-life annuity
December 4, 2019, Times of India

AI is used across the entire customer value chain in HDFC Life
December 1, 2019, Express Computer

With INSTAInsure, HDFC Life launches industry first 3-click pre-approved insurance offer
September 30, 2019, Express Computers

How HDFC Life created a community platform with the Memory Project
September 30, 2019, Buzzincontent

Women Power Storms Into C-Suite
September 19, 2019, Mail Today

Life insurance: One size does not fit all
September 18, 2019, Vyapar Gujarathi

Stories of Survival
September, 2019, Impact

Life insurance: One size does not fit all
September 16, 2019, Janmabhoomi

Lokmar Insurance Summit
September 15, 2019, Lokmat

HDFC Life Launches ‘Start The Talk’ Campaign
September 10, 2019, Businessworld

HDFC Life launches new ad campaign 'Bounce back to life'
September 5, 2019, ET Brand Equity

Robust Prevention Framework: Need of the Hour
September, 2019, Outlook Money

Life insurance: One size does not fit all
September 4, 2019, Prajavani

Life insurance: One size does not fit all
September 1, 2019, Business Standard

HDFC Life best on bank/NBFC tie ups to reach customers
February 25, Hindu Businessline

A good backup choice
February 18, Hindu Businessline

Life Insurance Reloaded
February 2, The Week-The Wallet


Fed rate-hike likely in December, but need clarity on trajectory for 2017

September 30, The Hindu Business Line

Readers' Corner

September 29, Business Standard

Investors guide to online insurance

September 19, Deccan Herald

Analytics Grant HDFC Life a new lease of life

September 2016, Data Quest Part 1

Analytics Grant HDFC Life a new lease of life

September 2016, Data Quest Part 2

The curve of learning

February, Human Capital

Addendum - Memories for Life

February 19, The Hindu Businessline

Pre-budget expectations: Increase Insurance Awareness

February 16, Money Today

Readers' Corner

November 30, Business Standard

Readers' Corner

October 19, Business Standard

Interview in Financial Express

July 2015, Financial Express

Cancer Insurance Becoming a Key Market

July 9, Hindu Businessline

Readers Corner

June 29, Business Standard

Critical Illness Cover May Help Tackle Rising Cancer Care Costs

June 22, The Economic Times Wealth

A Comprehensive Cancer Cover

June 22, Hindu Businessline

Life plus health insurance gains traction

June 17, The Times of India

Life insurers eye part of health insurance pie

June 16, Financial Chronicle

HDFC Life Cancer Care

June 13, Financial Chronicle

Reader's corner - Life insurance

March 30, Business Standard

Life insurance in your 50s: why and how?

March 18, Financial Chronicle

Initiatives will have long-term social impact

March 01, Financial Chronicle

Spreading the payouts

January 26, Hindu Businessline

Fiscal restraint may allow room for more rate cuts

January 19, Financial Chronicle

Online ULIPs: easy to buy and cost-efficient

January 19, The Tribune

Reader's corner - Life insurance

January 12, Business Standard

10 Insurance resolutions

January 5, Financial Chronicle

Reader's Corner - Life Insurance

November 24, Business Standard

HDFC Life to turn activist investor

August 20, Times of India

More than just a plain vanilla term cover

August 18, The Hindu Businessline

Rooted in values

August 6, The Times of India

A lot can be said through digital

August 5, Businessworld

Gunning for equity & realty

March 24, The Hindu Businessline

14 boxes to tick before buying insurance plan

March 19, Financial Chronicle

Women who put money to work

March 7, The Economic Times

Women should play an active role in finances

March 2, Business Standard

Learning organisations

February 19, DNA

The warring cousins

February 19, BusinessWorld

Socially inclined

February 17, Mumbai Mirror

Near term market outlook

February 10, The Tribune

Corporate profiling of HDFC Life

December 30, Impact

A gift to remember

December 23, The Telegraph

My son is my right arm, work is my left arm

December 23, The Times of India

Present gen is like Maggi noodles

December 16, The Times of India

A career for life

December 11, The Times of India

A better proposition

October 12, Financial Chronicle

It's all about money honey!

September 2013, CFO Connect

3 steps for quick claim settlement

September 25, Financial Chronicle

The localized marketing tool

September 25, Impact

Benefits of traditional pension plans

September 9, The Tribune

Current trend may reverse

August 2013, Business Standard

Financial prowess of wisdom investors

August 2013, Mint

The worst is not yet over

August 2013, Business India

Wisdom Investor

August 2013, Financial Express

I have been a believer in Indian Equities

July, 21, Hindu Businessline

Insuring Lives

July, 17, Hindustan Times

HDFC Life tackling change

July 13, CFO Connect

Standard Life nod for HDFC Life public issue

Nov 26, 2012, DNA

Innovation can break through the noise barrier

Nov 23, 2012, Hindu Business Line

Metilda Stanley

Nov 10, 2012, Outlook Business

Insurance job is an insured career

Nov 9, 2012, The Hans India

Porter Prize

Oct 13, 2012, Outlook Business

Insurance Industry continues to suffer

Oct 01, 2012, The Indian Express

Are young Indians managing finances well

11th May 2012, Mint

Why it's important for women to have a Money Plan

8th May 2012, Mint

Do you have financial freedom

7th May 2012, The Economic Times Wealth

HDFC Life registers maiden profit

3rd May 2012, Financial Express

Ask Mint Money column

28th March 2012, Mint

Budget reflects PM's pragmatism

17th-March2012, Business Standard

Interview of Amitabh Chaudhry

26th March 2012, The Economic Times Wealth

Perspective on Budget

17th March 2012, Hindu Businessline

Urban Women Financially Disciplined

10th March 2012, Financial Express

Ask Mint Money column

Feb 15, 2012, Mint

Online Term Insurance

Feb 14, 2012, Business India

Budgeting for the uncertain times

Feb 12, 2012, Business Standard

Books that shaped my life

Feb 1, 2012, Business Today

Ask Mint Money column

Feb 1, 2012, Mint

HDFC Life Launches first international operations in Dubai

Jan 27, 2012, The Economic Times

HDFC Life launches international operations in Dubai

Jan 26, 2012, Gulf Today

HDFC Life launches operations in Dubai

Jan 26, 2012, Khaleej Times

Ask Mint Money

Jan 11, 2012, Mint

HDFC Life unveils Click2protect

Jan 10, 2012, The Economic Times

HDFC Life launches online term insurance plan

Jan 6, 2012, The Hindu Businessline

Ask Mint Money column

Mint, Nov30, 2011

Buying child plan not an impulsive decision

Financial Chronicle, Nov 23, 2011

Ask Mint Money column

Mint, Nov16, 2011

LeaderSpeak Column

Business Today, Nov 14, 2011

Markets will rally if situation in Europe improves

Mint, Nov 11, 2011

Ring a career activity held

New Indian Express, Nov 3, 2011

Ask Mint Money column

Mint, Nov 2, 2011

Life insurance as a career option

DNA, Nov 1, 2011

7 places where to catch gen Y

Impact, Nov 2011

HDFC Life waits for better times for IPO

HBL, Oct 25, 2011

Youngstar Super II review

Outlook Money, Oct 25, 2011

Ask Mint Money column

Mint, Oct 19, 2011

High charges of traditional policies

ETWealth, Oct 10, 2011

Ask Mint Money column

Mint, Oct 5, 2011

Youngstar Super Premium Review

ET Investor Guide, Oct 4, 2011

Most Trusted Brand

Economic Times Brand Equity, Sept 28, 2011

Investors can expect 15-20% returns over 2 year period

Mint, Sept 26, 2011

HDFC Life expands reach in Goa

Navhind Times, Sept 24, 2011

Ask Mint Money column

Mint, Sept 21, 2011

Green Marketing

Hindustan Times, Sept 12, 2011

Banks look attractive as rate cycle nears end

Economic Times, Sept 5, 2011

Insurers forced to relook at their business model

HBL, Sept 4, 2011

What makes a great media plan?

Impact, Sept 2011

Ask Mint Money - Amitabh Chaudhry, MD & CEO, HDFC Life

Mint, June 29, 2011

Best Places to Work 2011

Economic Times, June 24, 2011

Last 100 Days

Economic Times (Corporate Dossier), June 10, 2011

Bloomberg UTV - Insurance Roundtable

Mint, June 10, 2011

YoungStar Super, a viable long-term investment

Outlook Money, January 2010 issue

Amitabh Chaudhry Appointed as MD and CEO

Financial Express, January 18,2010

"We will break even by 2010-11"

DNA Money, Mumbai, May 14, 2009

Most Valuable Player Award Boost for RR players

The Hindu, Mumbai, May 8, 2009

HDFC Standard Life declares results for FY08-09

The Financial Express, Mumbai, May 6, 2009

HDFC Standard Life's Focus on Consolidation

The Economic Times, Mumbai, May 6, 2009

Safe in a Storm

Hindustan Times - Mumbai, June 21, 2007

Insurance Campaigns to Get Simpler

DNA India - Kolkata, June 19, 2007

Overall Best: Wonders - HDFC Standard Life Insurance

PC Quest - Mumbai, June 17, 2007


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