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5 tips to maximise gains out of working from home


Working from home for long stretches when you aren't used to the concept can be a trying time. All those smart quotes about being able to work in your pyjamas and Netflix-ing between assignments lose their punch and charm after a while.

On the bright side, you are saving on commute time, beating the pollution blues, spending quality time with family, eating out lesser - the list is endless. Can you also use a drastically changed work scenario to your advantage? Can you grow your own equity and build up your wealth whilst you are at home?Here's how -

Start a parallel business

The world is changing around us, and rapidly. In another six months, we could be witnessing an evolved global economy where different sets of goods and services could be needed. Even as you continue to work at your current job or pursue your present business, you can keep an eye on the trends in the business world and society at large. Healthcare and education are only some of the sectors that are going to need a whole host of businesses and professionals to support them. If you can start laying the ground for an alternative career or business in your spare time (and there's plenty of time on our hands, really), you could actually have an up and running enterprise in no time!

Take an online course

This may not sound like a direct way to compound your wealth, but you are going to need to sharpen your skills and upgrade yourself if you wish to survive in a world that is going to demand even higher standards of competence and expertise in days to come. Up-skilling yourself will help you add much needed certification that you had been planning to add to your CV for a long time. This in turn will boost your chances of moving up the ladder in your own organisation or moving to greener pastures in due course.

Regularly check your portfolio

Keep an hour aside once every few days to check on the health of your investment portfolio. In changing times, it is a good idea to keep your investments diversified across debt, equity and liquid funds. Keep juggling your portfolio to match your short and long term needs. Investing wisely through instruments like HDFC Life's Savings and Investments plans will ensure that your wealth grows at a steady clip in time to meet your life goals.

Build your health quotient

Use the time at home to eat healthy, and have your meals at regular times. Resist the temptation to snack between meals or while bingeing on your favouriteshow. Invest in spending quality time with family and make it a point to exercise for at least half an hour daily in order to stay fit. This may not have a direct correlation to your wealth, but a fit mind and a fit body when you return to the real world will make a big difference to your productivity. Needless to say, it will have an impact on your income and personal growth.

Money saved is money earned

You will be saving a substantial sum by working from home. You could be surprised by the savings you make by forgoing the work commute, eating out regularly, movies and dinners with friends. These funds need not be squandered as soon as the next spending opportunity comes by. It is better to fuel these funds into a plan likeHDFC Click 2 Wealth, which will instil financial discipline as well as ensure a substantial sum at the end of some years.

Look at the silver lining, and make each day count!


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