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Life Insurance is Important: Life Insurance Success Stories

How Life Insurance Powered This Family’s Journey Towards Self-reliance

If you are one of those people who believe that insurance is good only for saving tax, you are far from the truth. Insurance can serve as a piggy bank where you can buy a variety of insurance policies to save the money lifelong. Think of it like the fire extinguisher you are required to keep in your home or office—perhaps you may never have to use it, but when an actual need arises, you are so glad it is handy. In the same way, if you have unpredictable expenses such as car repairs or medical bills cropping up,insurance can become a financial life saver. 

There is no way you can avoid the unexpected tragedies of life, and of these, death is the most unexpected. If your family is financially dependent on you, you need to make sure there is enough financial security for your loved ones even after you are gone. Whether it is paying for household expenses, securing your offspring’s future, or making sure your parent or spouse gets the much-needed financial support to maintain their standard of living, life insurance can help compensate for the inevitable financial consequences when you are no more. Life insurance can also help your loved ones repay any outstanding debts or mortgages you left behind.

You may perhaps believe that you can save enough money to replace your assets, should anything happen to you. However, considering the uncertainties that life is all about, have you ever asked yourself the question: ‘What if something happens to me? Will I be able to provide a financially-secured life for my loved ones?’ The question may, all of a sudden, come as a revelation to most of us, but for Aditya Sharma, a professional from Kanpur, life insurance has always been an integral part of his overall financial plan. He attributes this to his father who, despite being a man with a disciplined approach to saving—he would always advise his children to “save for a rainy day”, understood that insurance was imperative to cover his loved ones from risks.

Aditya reveals how his father opted for a life insurance policy early in his life after calculating the finance the family would need if something were to happen to him, taking into account things like living expenses. He didn’t know it at the time, but making life insurance a part of his family’s financial blueprint would turn out to be the smartest financial decision he would ever make.

Aditya and his brother were of school-going age when their father passed away. How did the family deal with the uncertain times ahead? Aditya admits that they were “afraid that the money would dry up”, but reveals that thankfully, the settlement from his father’s life insurance policy saved the day.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video where Aditya Sharma shares his story about life insurance, and how it made all the difference when his father passed away.

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