HDFC Life's finest investment is its Human Resources. We believe that a talented and spirited workforce is the engine for organizational growth and efficiency. Capable employees create a vibrant and prosperous organization, which is why HR at HDFC Life ensures to achieve 100% Employee Satisfaction.

The Talent Acquisition policy

  1. To create a scalable 'supply' of talent to meet ever-changing business needs
  2. To identify the right talent that would be naturally oriented to succeed
  3. To recruit the right people at the right cost to meet business deliverables

There is a war for talent across all organizations. The essence of gaining a competitive edge over industry peers is by hiring the ideal candidate for the job. The Talent Acquisition vertical at HDFC Life not only enables hiring the best talent available, but also ensures that a supply of talent is nurtured to meet the ever changing needs of the business.

The Learning and Development function at HDFC Life are trendsetters in the L&D and insurance space. The objective of the L&D is to:

'Facilitate capability development through enterprise wide learning to meet strategic needs of the organization.'

In order to meet this objective the L&D:

  • Designs, develops and deploys org wide knowledge, skill and capability improvement programs which impact business performance though a strong and large in house team.
  • Provides a unique learning environment to each employee to hone their skills and capabilities through best in class online, blended and classroom trainings.
  • Enables assessments & certifications of the employees and distributors on domain and functional knowledge and skills.

The Multiple awards and recognitions for excellence and Best Practices received by the L&D exemplify this. The L&D has received the following recognitions and awards:

  • ASTD - Excellence in Practice Citation, FLS Learning Roadmap 2011
  • ASTD - Excellence in Practice Citation, L&D Transformation Program 2011
  • ASTD - Excellence in Practice Citation, Improving First Level Sales Managers (FLS) Productivity 2012
  • TISS Leapvault CLO Summit Award, CLO Chief Learning Officer of the Year 2012
  • TISS Leapvault CLO Summit Award, Best Sales Enablement program 2013
  • Bloomberg UTV CXO Award, for 'Best Innovative use of Technology'
  • Celent Model Insurer 2012, For the use of Enterprise Wide Learning via the Internet by Celent USA
  • Qimpro - Best Prax – 2012 award for the online training portal GOAL ( Go Online And Learn )

The three keys of the PMS at HDFC Life

  1. Effective - Ensures people have the right capabilities to perform
  2. Strategic - Ensures broad objectives and long term goals are always in sight
  3. Integrated - Ensures linkages between all aspects of business, people and process

Achieving a place among the top 50 Great Places to Work in India for 3 consecutive years is not a mean achievement. An organization today cannot win over competition by price leadership or product innovation alone, as the same can be replicated to a large extent. The only way to score over peers is by promoting a winning work culture through a robust Performance Management System.

The objective of the PMS at HDFC Life is

  1. To provide a framework for assessment of goals/critical incidences and create a visible, transparent and fair reward system
  2. To enable a feedback mechanism which aligns individual behavior with organizational goals
  3. To identify learning and developmental needs
  4. Therefore, while performance is given utmost importance in the organization, we also ensure that the 'life' of the organization remains vibrant and energetic, yet competitive.

Our talent management framework is a systematic and integrated approach to manage human capital throughout an employee’s lifecycle. It is closely aligned to the company's strategic plan and overall business needs.

Career advancement in HDFC Life aims at providing equal opportunity for growth to all employees across levels/functions. Our employee assessment process for middle management level ensures objectivity and transparency at all stages, thereby sourcing the right internal talent at the right time for the job through vertical as well as lateral movements.

Our Leadership Initiatives like the Potential Review Process and Zenith Program aim at ensuring a strong leadership bench strength at all times. We have an ongoing process for identifying and developing future leaders through a potential assessment and designing of customized leadership capability building interventions and career planning programmes for them.


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