Champion the customer experience.

Behind our successful front-line teams are our support teams championing the customer experience. Providing strategic direction, improving operational efficiencies, executing customer-friendly solutions, or perhaps just making the workplace a happier more inclusive one. Whatever the goal, they’re all focused on one mission - of putting the customer first. Always.

Customer champions. Brand custodians.

Customer champions.
Brand custodians.

At HDFC Life, we are all customer champions. Right from product strategy to execution, sales and marketing, Human Resources and Admin, legal and L&D, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why, we empower our support teams to help customers meet their needs, solve their problems, and realize their dreams. Our support teams collaborate with our product and tech teams to drive customer-focused solutions critical to organizational success.


Supporting the teams who support us.

Our Support teams further our customer-first vision. Through their leadership and forward thinking, customer strategy and execution, they align our people and processes to our business goals driving our growth. In turn, we provide you every opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.


We recognize performance and reward excellence with the following benefits:

  • Attractive incentives
  • Employee of the Quarter and Employee of the Year awards
  • Special award ceremonies to celebrate high-performing teams.

We invest in you through industry-leading training programs that hone key skills, develop technical competencies, and nurture your potential. These programs provide you with the opportunities to learn from the best, while also preparing you for future management roles.

Many teams. One goal.

Many teams. One goal.

  • Accelerating Digital Change and Transformation (ADCAT)
  • Administration
  • Audit and Risk
  • Business Insights, Data Labs and Innovation
  • Business Systems & Technology (BS&T)
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Investments
  • International Business
  • Investors Relations
  • Learning & Development
  • Marketing
  • Product & Actuarial
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategy
Accelerating Digital Change and
Transformation (ADCAT)

ADCAT spearheads the technology front at HDFC Life. This team is working on Big Data, AI, IoT, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies to create an impact in the insurance industry.

This will make HDFC Life one of the first InsureTech firms in India! As of now, this is a small team who have been hired from the best start-ups in India.


The Admin team is the engine that drives things forward through superior office and administrative support. This role is vital for the smooth-running of a business. The Admin team works with other teams, coordinates with management and engages in planning according to the company’s needs. It also liaisons with statutory bodies to ensure compliance with statutory rules and regulations.

Audit and Risk Management

The audit and risk management team identifies and documents the organization's risks in critical business processes and the internal controls within each process so as to mitigate those risks. Risks exist in every business including insurance and it is important to minimize those risks or prevent them altogether. The key responsibilities include:


Internal and External Audit


Enterprise Risk Management


Risk Monitoring and Control Unit


Business Continuity Management

Business Insights, Data Labs
and Innovation

The Business Insights function is responsible for exploratory data analysis, business forecasting, data visualization and is the decision support system for all internal departments and external partner ecosystem.

The two verticals in this function are:


Enterprise Information Management (EIM) (a) Sales Review Cadence
(b) Regulatory Reporting
(c) Qlikinsights
(d) Key Projects


Performance Insights (Secondary Compensation and Contest Management) The data revolution has a profound impact on the way insurers do business and HDFC Life recognizes the immense benefit that data science brings to the table. The Data Labs team has been working on building platforms and ecosystems that provide solutions to longstanding business problems.
It is optimizing on data monetization strategies that would enable us to leverage mutually beneficial opportunities and create partnerships with new age entities in ecosystems outside of insurance. We are also using AI/ML to manage critical areas of risk, product development, underwriting, claims processing and distribution.
New to the company, the Innovation function is primarily involved in tackling current organizational challenges across all business verticals through creative solutions. The work also involves generating and implementing new ideas across the insurance value chain from a futuristic perspective.

Business Systems & Technology

The objective of this department is to ensure effective use of technology to meet business needs and create a competitive advantage. This is done by:


Leveraging technology and telecom to provide best value for money


Identifying new technologies and trends


Benchmarking and setting standards in the industry

Compliance & Legal

The objectives of this department include:


Compliance to various regulatory authorities


Litigation management


Record management


Contracts management


Company Secretarial

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM Department was set up in 2014 with a vision to tap into the existing customer base and maximize their lifetime value.


The team manages the entire lifecycle from customer engagement to cross-sell.


They also work with HDFC Life partners to unlock the business value of their customer base through cross-sell.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At HDFC Life, we integrate social and environmental goals into business operations. Because we believe sustainable business practices impact both bottom-lines and the environment. We invest in the community, encourage volunteerism among employees and commit to many initiatives that focus on education, health, livelihood, and environmental sustainability.


The finance function is most critical to organizational success. Financial leadership enables operations to run smoothly and supports the organization’s strategy and growth while ensuring a healthy bottom-line.

Human Resources

People are our greatest strength. Nurturing and growing them is paramount to our success. The Human Resources department is responsible for our people right from recruiting and developing talent to handling employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. They consult with senior executives on strategic planning and align employees to the organization’s management policies.


The objective of this department is to ensure that our customers' money is looked after well! We understand that customers have invested their savings with us for the long term, with specific goals in mind.

Our investment focus is aimed at protecting and generating consistent and stable investment returns to match the investor's long-term objective and expectations, irrespective of the market condition.

International Business

HDFC International Life & Re, regulated by the DFSA is licensed to undertake life reinsurance business in the UAE and provides risk-transfer solutions, prudent underwriting solutions and value added services, among others, across individual life, group life and group credit life lines of business and currently offers reinsurance capacity in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

HDFC International Life & Re draws significantly from HDFC Life’s expertise and experience in underwriting and caters to the requirements of domiciled insurers, while addressing the needs of this growing segment in the GCC region.

Investors Relations

This department is accountable for:


Creating and presenting a consistently applied investment message to the investment community on behalf of the company


Monitoring and presenting to management the opinions of the investment community regarding the company's performance

Learning & Development

The L&D team facilitates enterprise-wide learning to meet the organization’s strategic needs. Some key initiatives at L&D include reskilling employees by training them in new-age methodologies such as mobile learning, peer learning, content curation and so on. By tapping into our pool of internal experts, leveraging external content, and organizing external workshops, they keep our employees current and up-to-date with industry happenings.


Our marketing teams create brand awareness and build relationships between customers and our brand. They also serve as a media liaison. They reach out to prospects, customers, and investors through an overarching image and messaging that reinforces our values and mission in the best way.

The key responsibilities of this team include:


Creating brand experiences


Driving brand equity across markets and digital touch points


Building credibility and protecting brand reputation

Product & Actuarial

The objectives of this department include:


Developing and pricing insurance products to meet customer needs and satisfy the company’s profitability and capital criteria


Providing commercial and financial advice and analysis to support the efficient and profitable management of the company

They operate as two teams, namely:


Product Development and Pricing


Reporting and Analysis

Additionally, queries on policy servicing for Individual and Group Business are also addressed by this Department.

Process Improvement

This team evaluates business processes and re-engineers them to improve efficiency, lower costs, improve product quality, and drive profitability. They implement new improved process models as well as quality tools and methodologies; create internal recognition platforms and showcase projects externally. Over time, they build a culture of continuous improvement.


The Strategy team defines and guides our long-term business goals, provides the road map to meet those goals. It works with various teams to ensure differentiation for the company, provide newer business avenues, explore alternative opportunities in the insurance business and operate cost-efficiently to future-proof the company.

Team Goals

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“I started in Business HR and moved on to Performance Management to design and execute HR programs. At HDFC Life, we’re encouraged to explore different roles which has helped me leverage my skills and expand my knowledge.”

Parul Sharma
AVP - Human Resources
Human Resources

“HDFC Life is a second home and it has groomed me to an altogether different level over the years. This is the place which also gives me a purpose and satisfaction in what I do and why I do. HDFC Life is 'obvious choice' for me and every other stakeholders.”

Fagun Pancholi
Senior Vice President

“Choose the job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. And, that's how life has been at HDFC Life since the day I joined here. HDFC Life's culture of continuous learning & growth, disruptive innovation and employee well-being makes it a unique place to work.

Umang Agarwal
Business & Service Excellence

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