As a life insurance company, we understand that customers have invested their savings with us for the long term, with specific objectives in mind like protection for the family in case of death of family member, child education and marriage liabilities or just investment returns over a longer period of time.

With above in mind, our investment focus is based on the primary objective of protecting and generating good and consistent investment returns to match the investor's long term objective and return expectations.

Our investment success is therefore based on teamwork guided by a robust and repeatable investment process.

This section will be useful for all our customers who have unit linked policies.

The NAV section will give you the latest NAVs of the funds along with the historic NAVs for desired period.

The market review section guides you through the current market scenario to understand market trends better.

How the funds perform depend on where we have invested your premiums. The fund portfolio section will tell you just that!

The section will also help you to understand how our unit-linked funds have performed vis-a-vis industry benchmarks.